BlackBerry 9630 Niagara Due for Verizon in May?

The BlackBerry 9630 “Niagara” which we’ve been seeing so much of lately might be coming to Verizon in May, according to analysts. The world capabale (i.e. rocks both GSM and CDMA) smartphone would be a likely fit for Verizon, who had supported RIM’s first World Edition device, the 8830, back in 2007, and more recently with the BlackBerry Storm. However, RIM tends to be pretty good about spreading their love around the carriers so everyone has something unique to show off. T-Mobile got the Pearl Flip, AT&T got the Bold, Verizon got the Storm, but no new BlackBerrys for Sprint (that is, unless you count the iDEN 8350i, which I wouldn’t when compared to the others). It would be a pretty bum deal for Sprint if Verizon got both the Storm and the Niagara,that’s for sure. As for the May release date, it seems to make sense, as the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, RIM’s big annual affair, is often the host of device launches.

[via The Street]

  • devane

    thats so boge how verizon is getting all the cool blackberries besides the bold… when does sprint get it?

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