Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Mobile 6.5 sports IE8 features!

Turns out, Windows Mobile 6.5′s overhauled Mobile Internet Explorer web browser is more than just a simple mobile-port of Internet Explorer 6. We’re hearing that IE6 for Windows Mobile 6.5 will actually feature some advanced features from Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)!

In addition to the revamped navigation controls, more touch-optimized browsing, full-HTML rendering and support for Flash, Mobile Internet Explorer 6 will happily render PNG alpha channel graphics and will feature Internet Explorer 8′s javascript engine.

IE6 has been long derided as incompatible with more webpages than any other browser. As such, it wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to port a poorly designed, albeit more powerful than the current Pocket Internet Explorer browser, web browser to Windows Mobile 6.5. Instead, Microsoft has adopted a hybrid approach for their upcoming mobile web browser, endowing it with the strengths of IE8 but still based on the more lightweight IE6 codebase.

Still, it would be nice to see some tabbed browsing hitting IE6 Mobile.

[Via: WMExperts]

  • qjk

    Who gives a flying fuck? The class of person stupid enough to be looking forward to the latest piece of shit out of Redmond is not the class of person anyone relevant would indulge in vanity.

  • Glen

    And I should care about your opinion because?

  • Diego T. Pk

    IE6 for mobile?? What a nightmare

    Internet explorer MUST DIE !! All versions! Even IE9 still stinks

    What we gonna do if it do not support @media queries?? Well, I think they wouldn’t be stupid enough to not create a support to it.

    Well, this is just me blabbering meaningless things ._.

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