Verizon gearing up for WiFi-toting BlackBerry Storm 2 in September?

blackberry-storm-2-wifi-hazLet’s set aside the BlackBerry Storm’s SurePress shortcomings for a minute and consider its other major sticking point, the lack of WiFi support. As RIM’s first touchscreen smartphone, we’d have thought that RIM would have endowed the handset with WiFi connectivity. Alas, the first-generation Storm lacks any WiFi support.

But that may all soon change. Verizon is rumored to be readying a WiFi-equipped Storm successor for this Fall!

Word on the street has Verizon launching a WiFi savvy BlackBerry Storm 2 in September. If true, Storm hopefuls will only have to wait until the end of Summer to have their prayers for WiFi answered.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is also rumored to hit market with more interesting features in tow. We’re putting our money on upgraded camera and other under-the-hood upgrades. Unfortunately, we don’t see the Storm 2 ditching the SurePress touchscreen – RIM has invested too much into SurePress to let it die after just a single generation. But, a few SurePress software-tweaks and a less harsh “click” would be nice to see.

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  • Javier

    SurePress is why many of us prefer the BB Storm. After using SurePress, I can’t stand the Iphone’s vulnerability to faint and stray touch. BB has it right.

  • Jay Seville Arlington Real Estate

    SurePress is why I will not be leaving the Storm for a long time. it’s a learned skill and way ahead of its time which is why all the small minds out there bash. I can type so fast on and with just one thumb perfectly. It’s amazing and if one weathers the learning curve of 1-3 months you can super speedy on it. About 5% of time one needs to go landscape to use the VZNavigator for example.

    SurePress (SP) rocks and those that are used to getting everything instantly these days could not get it so they bashed it. SP is fantastic but must be mastered with practice.


  • Skip

    Sure Press is fine if you have small hands, but if you are like me, typing on it is mostly wrong keystrokes, and slow messaging. I have a much easier time with the I Phone, much quicker, and less wrong keys.

    Skip Beck

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