New Sprint commercials – For the attention deficited Palm Pre lovers in all of us

Sprint’s done changed the look and feel of their advertising campaign, and the Palm Pre is at the center of their entire strategy. Following on months of TV ads featuring a likeable CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint’s new ad gives us an attention deficited look into the carrier’s world of instant information access, made possible by none other than the Palm Pre.

Jumbled in a mix of random facts about spam email and business meeting text messages, Sprint shows off the Palm Pre and the way it will tie is into Twitter, banana diets and all kinds of 3G goodness. Oh and it wouldn’t be a Sprint commercial without any mention of Sprints ongoing expansion of the 4G WiMAX broadband network that it’s rolling out with Clearwire. (Edit: Keep in mind that the mention of 4G WiMAX alongside the Palm Pre doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pre will feature 4G WiMAX support. Although, anything is possible…)

The commercial’s a good watch, but you might want to pop a Ritalin before taking the plunge!

Enjoy the video.

  • David

    Hey, that commercial was actually pretty good.

  • MV

    Does anyone which advertising firm did these commercials for Sprint?


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