FCC unveils Sidekick with T-Mobile 3G support!

sharp-pv300-fcc-labelFans of the HipTop will be happy to hear that Sharp has just passed a new Sidekick through the FCC’s labs. Known internally as the Sharp PV300 (which falls in line nicely with the PV-XXX designation assigned to Sidekicks), the FCC has apparently blessed this new Sidekick handset for the US. The Sharp PV300 has been confirmed to support T-Mobile’s 3G network on the 1700Mhz AWS frequency band, making a new 3G-capable T-Mobile Sidekick likely for release sometime this year.

Details are slim at the moment. Stay tuned for more on T-Mobile’s upcoming 3G Sidekick!


[Via: EngadgetMobile]

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