AT&T rumored to have killed SlingPlayer for iPhone

We may not be seeing the SlingPlayer iPhone application coming to the iPhone AppStore anytime soon. Boy Genius Report has posted a tip that claims Apple has just killed the SlingPlayer for iPhone application. The nameless tipster claims that AT&T had requested Apple pull the plug on the SlingPlayer iPhone app.

Apple’s iPhone and, more significantly, iPhone 3G fleet has been attributed with clogging up AT&T’s 3G data network like a triple cheeseburger army attacking a coronary artery. The threat of a data network overloaded with iPhones pulling down SlingPlayer broadcasts may have been dire enough to push AT&T to act – asking Apple to reject the SlingPlayer iPhone application.

The rest of the smartphone world has been pulling down place-shifted TV broadcasts for ages, but the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone application was only announced a couple months ago at Mobile World Congress. Alas, this rumor, if true, will keep the iPhone out of reach of Sling Media (possibly until AT&T rolls out HSPA+).

[BGR via: MobilityToday]

Image credit: jkOnTheRun

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Apple seems pretty slow in adding slingplayer to the app store. Also, if Sling got the reject letter, it would be to their benefit not to inform anyone that the Apple app axe fell upon there necks. I mean, as long as all of those iphone and ipod touch users believe that the app has a possibility to be approved the Slings will continue to fly of retail shelfs.

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