NHL Playoffs: RIM Co-CEO Balsillie Glued to TV Along With Millions of Canadians


If you keep up to date on RIM/BlackBerry news, you’ll no doubt know that Co-CEO Jim Balsillie is a huge hockey fan. In fact, a few years ago he tried to purchase the Nashville NHL franchise to move it to Hamilton, Ontario. After that bid failed, rumors had it he was in discussion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but nothing came of that either. Sparse rumors had also spread that he was in talks with the Buffalo Sabres. No matter the case, the guy is a big hockey fan, (still plays once or twice a week) and with the NHL playoffs starting up today, he’s going to be glued to the TV screen. All I’ve got to say is go Canucks, Go Flames, and Go Habs (Canadiens). Looking for big things from the Canadian franchises this year 🙂

Keeping in-line with the whole hockey/BlackBerry tone, If you happen to run a BlackBerry Storm, 8330, 8130 or 8230 on Bell, you can pick up the Unlimited NHL service to stay connected to the latest video highlights, scores, audio, alerts, downloads and more. The service is currently offered from Bell, and you can learn more about it right here.

Note to Jim: If you do purchase a franchise and move it to Hamilton, could you consider doing it one more time and bring a franchise to Winnipeg, please?

[Via: TSN]

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