Hulu prepping ‘badass’ streaming video iPhone application!

iphone-3g-huluHulu has been pushing hard to broadcast their streaming TV broadcast to every corner of the web. So, what’s next? The iPhone, of course! According to the Silicon Alley Insider, Hulu is making a move into the smartphone space with a streaming video iPhone application. The Hulu iPhone application would give iPhone users mobile access to Hulu’s collection of TV shows and movies, presumably free of charge.

News of a Hulu iPhone app destined for AppStore approval should give hope to Slingbox users still waiting for the Slingbox iPhone application. Recent speculation had Apple denying the Slingbox Mobile iPhone app’s entry into the iPhone App Store, but if Hulu’s iPhone application makes it all the way through, there’s still hope for Sling Media’s iPhone player.

Not only will the iPhone Hulu app stream video over both 3G and WiFi connections, an industry-insider claims that the iPhone-based Hulu experience will be as “badass” as the desktop experience. We’re expecting to see the app show up on the iTunes AppStore in a few months, although that timeline can change at Apple’s whim.

If you haven’t yet seen what Hulu has to offer, may we suggest hitting up Hulu’s website? If the iPhone app is even a fraction as amazing as the Hulu website, we’re in for one awesome iPhone application!

[Via: SiliconAlleyInsider]

  • Dave

    Your comment about hulu pushing their content to every corner of the web is laughable! You do know the web refers to the World Wide Web, right? Maybe you didn’t…

    What’s world wide about hulus US only policy???

    Fix your broken, overexuberant ‘article’.

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