HTC Touch Pro2 spotted as T-Mobile Wing II in the wild!

htc-touch-pro2-t-mobile-wing-ii-1We’ve been expecting T-Mobile USA to launch the highly-anticipated HTC Touch Pro2 on July 22. T-Mobile will be rebranding the HTC Touch Pro2 as the T-Mobile Wing II – as a successor to the original T-Mobile Wing, which also happens to be an HTC smartphone (the HTC P4350 Herald, to be exact). And, now that the HTC Touch Pro2 has been spied in the wild as the T-Mobile Wing II, we’re all but confirmed to see HTC’s range-topping Windows Mobile smartphone going live in T-Mobile USA’s network in just a few months’ time.

Quick recap – the HTC Touch Pro2 features 3.8-inch WVGA (480×800) touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel htc-touch-pro2-t-mobile-wing-ii-4autofocus camera, full-duplex speakerphone, WiFi, GPS and that truly trick slide-and-tilt QWERTY keyboard. In terms of business-functionality, the HTC Touch Pro2 has all the bases covered.

The T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 (Wing II) that you see in these spy pics shows the handset emblazoned with T-Mobile’s logo. Judging by the US-keyboard configuration, it’s obvious that this Touch Pro2 is headed to The States. The German T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 is expected to go live in Germany this June, beating us Yanks to the Pro2-punch.

[AllShadow via: UnwiredView]

  • laafiera

    Has anyone confirmed 3G band on T-mobile for this phone yet?

  • ^shl3y

    Yes I cnt wait 4 this fone 2 cum ot its sooooo cool.

  • dopeboyfresh

    Lmao michael is rite little mistake.

  • nate

    that’s so ironic
    i have a wing now and i was wondering when the next one was going to come out
    and ive wanted this phone since january
    and it appears as if they are they same phone

  • ^shl3y

    U guys r boring…bt th fone rocks.

  • Hellz yeah

    so estatic. I’m a 15 year old rom builder/programmer and I had to build a touchflo rom for my wing but this baby just comes with it and my dad works for t-mobile so i get it early. Weeeeeeeeeee.

  • O.S.G. 2K9

    Finally………t-mobile has come back……. to life with all the new 3g capable phones that are on the way including the wing 2 aka. he touch pro 2, i am going to order this phone b4 it hits the stores!!!!

  • johnyyyy deep

    ive been to the tmobile training….. its gonna look like how it does on the htc website.

  • city_girl.84

    omg i want this phone soooo bad i wonder how much its gonna cost to upgrade to this…….does anyone know?

  • dan

    does any one know how the tmobile wing 2 or htc touch pro 2 look like….. (tmobile version)

  • Frank

    WOW looks great
    tmobile has really made it their own. its going to look a lot nicer than anything sprint or verison wireless is going to do to their version.

    they made it look like the wing and i am so happy that it look rubbery like the original wing

    im getting it when it comes out on august 12th!!! <3

  • dan

    well i saw the pics of the tmobile version and it looks like junk…basically verizon and sprint will all have something similar… but i couldnt wait for something i dont like. so i ended up paying $800 for the european version since it looks better and has a few more options like the front camera. etc. and with tmobile u will end up paying around 300 for the phone with contract. and t-mo also staryed a new thing that u will have to have the data plan in order to get the rebate

  • me 2

    How sure r u that thr US version of the pro2 will look like the the htc version? I’m about to buy the htc version on ebay for 499, but I won’t if the US tmobile version looks like u said. If been on several websites and all the images I’ve seen look the same-crappy:-(

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