New Viigo Feature Lets you Make Restauraunt Reservations

Viigo has teamed up with to let you make dinner reservations right from your mobile – just check out the Local Interest channel and pick your city and region. It would be nice if there were some automated suggestions based on GPS location, or if it let you initiate a call from within Viigo, but hey, can’t win ’em all. Despite that, reserving a table looks super-easy after you’re all set up – just pick your restauraunt, and set a date and number. For those more interested in delivery, SeamlessWeb just launched their mobile web food ordering service today in the UK and U.S. If you already have our version of Viigo, Frequency for BlackBerry or Windows Mobile, the function is already built in alongside all the other weather reports, sports scores, travel info, tailored IntoMobile content and other great features.

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