Samsung readying QWERTY-toting Samsung Omnia Pro for July?

HTC pioneered the smartphone one-two punch with their HTC Touch Diamond slate and HTC Touch Pro QWERTY-slider. The formula worked – HTC offered those without a need for a QWERTY keyboard a slimmer touchscreen smartphone (Touch Diamond), essentially adding a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for those with a need for hard keys (Touch Pro). And, now that the HTC Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 are starting to hit market, Samsung is rumored to be crafting a QWERTY-toting complement to their Samsung Omnia i8910 (HD) – the Samsung Omnia Pro.


This is a mockup. This is not the real Omnia Pro.

Word on the street has Samsung readying their new Samsung Omnia Pro for launch in July. The Omnia Pro is reportedly going to feature a 3.5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera (with flash and auto-focus) and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a la the HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro2. And, given the “Pro” branding, it would make sense to see the Omnia Pro rocking features already available in the Omnia – GPS, WiFi and 3G data connectivity. We’re expecting the Samsung Omnia HD to ship with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional upon launch, with a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional upgrade coming down the pipeline later in the year.

Look for the Samsung Omnia Pro to drop sometime in July with a €500 ($662) price tag. Hey, you gotta pay to play… unless you can get it for free on contract.

[HDBlog via: UnwiredView]

  • dnrestcom

    sounds like Xperia??

  • as147

    I am dismayed that Samsung stopped producing the very popular Blackberry style Blackjacks. They don’t seem to have a portrait mode qwerty keyboard device any longer?

    It started with the Motorola (Q9?) and then the Samsung which did it better.

    It was obvious that Samsung was aiming at Blackberry with the colour, style and even the name. It was hugely popular as they made three versions with successive upgrades so what gives !?

    It was the most popular corporate phone in our company and lower the complaints from Blackberry advocates in our company!!

    Does anyone know of any WM 6.1+ phones that fill this form factor?? Come on Samsung !

  • Willy

    Good to see some competition aiming at the HTC Diamond 2. Hope they both accelerate the US Verizon introductions and set pricing competitive with the iPhone. Time to up the micro SD capability to 32 MB as well. Wonder whose touch interface is better? Need a good comparison test between the Diamond 2 and Omnia HD. Ditto for the pros (separately). And where’s LG?

  • Hal Scholer

    sure wish i could trade my omnia for this one with the keyboard!

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