T-Mobile G1 Version 2 ‘Bigfoot’ Coming This Fall


This didn’t take long at all… Remember that leaked T-Mobile Android roadmap document I posted just a little while ago? Well, thanks to the good folks at TmoToday, a new version of that very same document is out, however… There’s less black ‘censoring’ on it.

Check out the image above and compare to the original. You’ll clearly notice a new table cell is visible, right after the EOL date for the original G1 device. That’s right, as soon as the G1 waves us all a fond goodbye, a new version of the G1, dubbed ‘Bigfoot’ will hit us. No further details available on the T-Mobile Bigfoot at the moment, but one can expect it to have similar features and price points to the original G1. The most notable difference on the Bigfoot seems to be the styling. You’ll notice the rounded corners on the device… Out with the ‘brick’, in with the ‘board room table’ look for the G1… Version 2.0 🙂

[Via: TMoToday]

  • mikeeeee

    just make sure it has hot spot calling please

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