Mach5 Windows Mobile web browser gives Skyfire some competition

mach5-windows-mobile-1Skyfire is one of the coolest mobile web browsers around. In fact, it might be the most capable mobile browser in terms of media consumption. The trick to Skyfire is that it uses powerful servers to render a webpage, rather than relying on relatively anemic mobile processors. This allows Skyfire to deliver super-fast page-renders and even pushes streaming content to the handset (eat that, iPhone!). But, until now, Skyfire’s been the only game in town if you’re looking to stream media onto a Windows Mobile handset.

Enter Mach5.

With the new Mach5 mobile web browser, Windows Mobile users now have an alternative for streaming web-media to their handsets. Mach5 sports a finger-optimized interface that may actually offer a superior user experience. The Mach5 browser allows for tabbed browsing and features an on-screen mouse pointer to help you navigate with precision.

Unfortunately, Mach5 isn’t as altruistic as Skyfire. While Skyfire remains free of charge, Mach5 will likely go premium in the near future. For now though, you can grab Mach5 for free.

Mach5 for Windows Mobile

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • David A.

    They request a VALID HONG KONG mobile phone number to register for this browser…
    Not available OUT SIDE HONG KONG in my opinion.

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