USCellular offering “Battery Swap” service for free battery

us-cellular-logoIt’s an all too-common story. Boy buys shiny new mobile phone. Boy loves new phone so much he uses it all the time. Boy kills his cellphone’s battery from overuse. Boy buys new battery to replace the old one. But, that’s not how it has to be. US Cellular has just launched their “Battery Swap” service that should help mobile customers extend the life of their handset by replacing a worn battery. US Cellular is extending the offer to all its customers, allowing them to stop by any US Cellular store and swap out their dead or dying battery for a new battery. The kicker is that everything is provided free of charge!

Rather than spending upwards of $40 for a new battery, US Cellular is making it free and easy to hold on to that cellphone just a bit longer. “This simple gesture is just another way for us to give our customers that added peace of mind that their phone will always be there for them in case of an emergency,” said Jay Ellison, US Cellular Executive VP and COO.

US Cellular’s “Battery Swap” program applies to any cellphone purchased from the carrier within the past 18 months.

If only Apple would extend a battery swap service to its iPhone customers. Oh wait, no removable battery, dagnabbit!

[Via: CellularNews]

  • Peggy Speaks

    I am a US Cellular user for many years, both in Oklahoma and Sutherlin, Oregon.

    Last month I stopped at a US Cellular dealer in Weatherford, Oklahoma and asked for a new battery for my dying battery. I was told that I would have to buy a new Phone before getting one. I live 15 miles from their store and was very disappointed with their answer. I am thinking of changing to a new carrier because of this. I do not know if you will answer my
    email, but I just want you to know how disappointed I am

    Peggy Speaks

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