Disneyland Kart Racer – good game, good game!


Disney are turning out some great quality games of late, on a number of platforms – and their latest effort for Java-capable handsets seems to be no different! Disneyland Kart Racer is a racing game that focuses on easy-to-master arcade action, environment interaction and cute cartoon characters, rather than challenging vehicle handling.

“Players travel through the Magic Kingdom Park to visit famous attractions, unlocking new racing tracks along the way. Track graphics and gameplay are based on attractions they belong to. Space Mountain takes racers into the galaxy, allowing them to ride on different planets. Black Pearl docks in the hostile waters of Pirates of the Caribbean bay. Big Thunder Mountain sets kart race to the sunlit rocks of the Wild West during gold rush era. Fantasyland’s Castle and surrounding woods are filled with magic.”


There are some neat features within the game too:

  • 6 playable characters: Player can choose his or her avatar for every race, each has unique stats and personal power-up.
  • 4 themes based on Disney park attractions: Every theme has its own set of obstacles, backgrounds, special properties, ambience elements and power-ups.
  • Unlockables: As player progresses through the game, new content become available. New racing tracks and playable characters are unlocked automatically. Players can level-up their character and increase his or her stats every time they win a race.
  • Game Modes:  Arcade and Quickplay

Quickplay mode is a definite bonus here – nothing like being able to bash out five minutes of good gaming whilst travelling, is there? I like racing games, I like Disney, and I like Mobile – so this game ticks all my boxes.

Disneyland Kart Racing should hopefully be available via your local Operator’s portal by the time you read this.

  • Lee

    There isn’t an iPhone App for the game though (or not yet anyway), which is quite disappointing.

    Hopefully we’ll see one at some point soon.

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