Rollout of Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ Update Delayed Until Early June


Some sad (yet not really surprising) news today via the T-Mobile Forums. The folks at T-Mo USA have announced that the much anticipated release of the Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ update has been delayed at least another week… With the update now due to go out OTA in ‘early June’. The official word from T-Mobile:

We’d like to provide an update on the rollout of Android 1.5 for T-Mobile G1 customers. We are working diligently to get Android 1.5 out as soon as possible, while aiming to ensure a consistent, positive experience for our customers. We’re finalizing the build this week to ensure optimal functionality and smooth delivery. Therefore, the rollout schedule has been reset by approximately a week, and we expect all G1 customers will have the update by early June.

Your device will notify you when the update is available.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For those that have been patiently waiting… I’m sorry to report that this delay will surely test your patience just a little bit longer… With that said, we’ve all been waiting so long, I’m sure we can all hold out for another week… right?

  • g1 user

    the market is garbage the games r shit even the full games r not good i feel shame when people who have iphone aske me “what games u have?”
    i have no answer for them and i don’t have answer for myself ..
    2009 phone has no games no video record and in the top of that the update should be out 6 month age and they keep pushing it….
    shame on u t-mobile

  • Belch

    DUDE?! I’m so tired of waiting! No cupcake, cookie, donut, cake, whatever it is worth the wait.. I mean seriously, we have networks talking about 4G speed and we’re still waiting for t-mobile to unvail an update that includes a mass of features that that this “oh so advanced phone” should have been released with in the first place! First it was first quarter scratch that January 15th, no no.. Feb 11th WAIT, Marchish.. well its quarter 2, period 10 by business standards and google,, T-Mobile giggle in collective faces… BS! That’s stupid dumb!

  • no

    It’s just utterly indefensible and inexcusable. Keep jerking us around, they’ll earn that reputation 4 being jackasses.

    We should have had this software on initial release but they rushed it.

    Totally lame all around

  • SamZzz

    Oh c’mon people. Don’t you see what they are doing. Would you rather T-Mo send out crummy cupcakes that aren’t fit for consumption or get it right and deliver what we’ve all been waiting for. Any new software has issues. That’s a given. Developers understand that, programmers understand that and corporations understand that… consumers do not. They expect everything to be absolutely perfect. Apparently T-Mo noticed an issue with Cupcake and wanted to fix it before unleashing it on a million G1 owners only to have a million G1 owners calling customer service all p****d off. Can’t say I blame them one bit. Consider this extra week of waiting time a time savings. Would you rather enjoy the phone you have a week longer or spend hours on hold with customer service because you and a million other folks are having issues with their phones. I’ll wait thanks. I like my cupcakes fresh and tasty, not stale and crumbly.

  • eric

    Why should we have to keep waiting come on now we all live up to our end of the bargain we pay our bills,but it seems like tmobile and google don’t care about there customers….and that’s sad they don’t know any information when you call they get attitudes.its like come on now we just want what we paid for and what we should have had in the first place I hate this phone and I wish I never purchased it and they try and say its better then the iphone please,lol I’m so tired of waiting on tmobile to just be real with us. Bottom line I pay my bill I paid 300 dollars for my phone I deserve the respect to be told the truth they have ppl that are downloading the update manually now google it how did that get out.smh I’m just tired of tmobile.

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