Palm Pre battery life revealed – 5 hour talk-time!

The Palm Pre’s official unveiling the other day was good for a solid launch date, but we were left wanting more detailed spec on the WebOS-powered smartphone. Today, a leaked set of documents confirm that the Palm Pre’s battery is capable of up to five hours of continuous talk time.

The leaked business guide documents also reveal official accessories and accompanying rate plans for the Pre. But as far as things we weren’t already expecting, the Pre’s battery life seems commendable. If overall battery life proves as robust as the talk-time figures suggest, the Pre should best the iPhone 3G’s “one day” battery.

Find the entire business guide here. (PDF link)

  • Martin hill

    Umm, the iPhone 3G has a rated 3G talktime of 5hrs and also gets 10hrs with 3G turned off. In fact PC World’s Test Centre found it lasted for 5hrs 38 minutes in real world tests.

    Let’s just wait and see how long the Pre lasts in the real world once you have a few apps stealing power multitasking in the background before we start celebrating the Pre’s supremacy shall we?


    • Billy Batson

      Martin you sound like an Iphone fanboi trolling and crapping on other phones I have an iphone and if you do too,when was the last time you honestly got that long of a talk time out of it or anywhere close? NEVER and I woudn’t expect a fanboi to be hones tin the first place. I will be making the switch!!!

  • Daniel

    Talk time test numbers are without meaning on smartphones. They are done by making a single call with screen off, wifi off, bluetooth off, gps off, EVDO off, processor doing zero work, and all other functions and radios (Pre has five: 1x voice, evdo, GPS, Bluetooth, wifi) off. There is certainly zero email polling.
    Pre has a paltry battery, they have gone the cheap route by using the centro’s old style battery with a mere 1150 mAh. By contrast their more powerful professional oriented Treo Pro has a 1500 mAh battery.
    The screens on these smartphones draw more than the voice communications. I would be very surprised if the charge lasts a full 8 hour business day under normal business use.

  • honeybee

    5 hours? in what page in the pdf document?

    where do you actually get the picture from?

  • mike

    Mart said: “Let’s just wait and see how long the Pre lasts in the real world once you have a few apps stealing power multitasking in the background before we start celebrating the Pre’s supremacy shall we?”

    How long can the iPhone battery last whilst multitasking a few apps? Oh right, it can’t do it at all (unless you buy Steve Jobs silly spin on it). Thus, invalid comparison.

    Hey, how much does it cost to replace the battery in the iPhone? Oh yeah…it can’t do that either.

  • me

    look on the best buy web page, just type in palm pre and it says it on there

  • Lauren

    I had purchased the palm pre and am regretting that decison. The battery won’t even last a day. I would be lucky to have it last 2 hours seriously. I even went to the store and was given a new phone and the same thing. Whoever designed this phone did not do a good job, I have also heard I am not the only one with this compliant regarding this phone what a huge disapointment. You would think someone would make sure the battery could mantain normal use before you release the phone.

  • Palm Pre Kinda Lover

    my battery is crap on my palm pre … ilove everything else about it other than the battery life – I just down loaded 3 game applications, my battery was on full – I just got an alert I only have 9%, what tha??? and when I am talking I notice I might get 2 hours of talk time, what is the point of having a cell phone if you can use the phone, especially in an emergency, horrible ;o(

  • Mike W.

    i’m sure you can buy an extended battery for the Pre. and just like someone else said atleast on the Pre you can change the battery. unlike the iphone. i have the same problem with mine but while at my desk are in my truck on the way to a job i put it on charge, and the phone will last all day. No big problem when you look at what the phone can do.

  • anders

    battery is a joke. Lasts 5 hours when the phone is not in use at all, then is dead. This is with no phone conversations, no IM, no email, no nothing. Don’t buy one until they get the battery issue fixed. The store finally gave me an extra battery for free so I would go away without cursing at them…..

    Otherwise a great phone

  • hi

    The new upgrade, makes the battery last way longer, I mainly use it off charger when in school using it as an mp3.

    • Ryan

      i dont know how to get songs on mine

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