US Cellular launches Samsung Gloss for QWERTY-loving flip-phone fans [update]

samsung-gloss-sch-u440Samsung and US Cellular have just launched their latest QWERTY flip-phone for the mass market. The new Samsung Gloss, as it’s called, combines a QWERTY keyboard with a fashionable flip form-factor that absolutely oozes estrogen. As such, the squat Samsung Gloss’s flowery designs and Pink color probably won’t find too many homes in male pockets. Instead, we’ll likely see the Samsung Gloss bringing its 1.3-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and QWERTY keyboard to purses across the country.

The Samsung Gloss features a 2.2-inch QCIF display and uses US Cellular’s “easyedge” service to connect customers to “Your Navigator with voice turn by turn directions, news and weather applications, games and hundreds of other useful applications.”

It’s obvious that the Samsung Gloss isn’t going to be doing any of the heavy-lifting that its smartphone cousins are capable of, but with a decidedly feminine appeal and full QWERTY keyboard packed into a convenient flip-phone package, the Gloss will probably carve out a nice little niche for itself.

We knew the Samsung Gloss struck an uneasy nerve with us for a reason. It’s a seeming copy of LG’s own fashionable QWERTY flip, the LG Lotus! LG launched the LG Lotus last year in partnership with fashion designer Christian Siriano.

It’s hard to keep track of all the cellphones that pass through our inbox on a daily basis, so sometimes things slip through the cracks. Both the Lotus and Gloss sport a stout form-factor and compact QWERTY keyboard that lies underneath a fashionably decorated exterior. Did Samsung use LG’s own playbook on this run? It wouldn’t be unheard of.

  • Christina W

    I love this phone!!! I wanted a QWERTY keyboard on a phone so I looked at sliders and I wasn’t sure how well they’d stand up to my everyday life. I carry my phone in my pocket so flip phones have always been what I’d get. This phone is the best of both worlds. I love that I can listen to my music through the speaker or headphones. I don’t use the camera much so I don’t need anything fancy.

  • Mika

    i REALLY want this phone, but i have at&t! I was wondering if it will ever some to at&t? I MUST have this phone, bbut its not possible for me right now, please answer me asap. (:

  • Dimone

    i have that fone it keep goin out no even wen u on da fone it go out

  • raya

    i love this phone I was guanna get it but then something else cought my eye but i really like this one 🙂

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