Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 ‘Vulcan’ specs in detail

While Palm Pre fans are still coming to terms with the Palm Pre’s sell-out launch success on Sprint’s US network, and iPhone fans look forward to Apple’s new iPhone (iPhone 3G v3) at WWDC, we’re seeing some juicy rumors leaking out elsewhere in the blogosphere. Thanks to an alleged insider, we now have what is purported to the detailed specifications for Sony Ericsson’s upcoming XPERIA X2 “Vulcan” Windows Mobile smartphone.

Looks purty, don't it?

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2

The XPERIA X1 debuted Sony Ericsson’s Panel UI overlay that did a great job of hiding Windows Mobile’s, uh, shall we say “uninspired” UI. The XPERIA X1 also launched the Swedish-Japanese mobile phone maker’s ultra-high-end XPERIA smartphone brand. The X1 was packed to the gills with high-tech goodies, but the first-generation smartphone cold stand some improvement.

Enter the XPERIA X2.

The next-gen XPERIA is expected to rock a larger touchscreen display and sport a more capable processor and loads of RAM. Here’s what we’re told about the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 (edited for clarity):

  • 8.1-megapixel camera with auto focus, video recording in VGA resolution @ 30fps (MP4 HQ)
  • 3.5-inch WVGA OLED (increased from 3.0-inches on the X1)
  • GPS, aGPS
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Accelerometer
  • Faster processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Custom Windows Mobile 6.5 (SE engineers customized Win6.5 which runs very. very speedy. on par with iPhone and better in some cases)
  • XPERIA Panels are modified with plenty of innovative features (PS3 remote play being one of them)
  • Upgrading to Windows Mobile 7 is supported by Xperia panels

It’s not clear if the new XPERIA X2 will take advantage of the more finger-friendly Windows Mobile 6.5 user interface by using a capacitance-based touchscreen. The larger, 3.5-inch WVGA OLED display already sounds amazing on its own. If Sony Ericsson manages to fit their XPERIA X2 with a capacitance touchscreen to replace the X1’s resistive touchscreen, it may well prove to be the baddest touchscreen on the planet!

As for the rest of the spec-sheet, let’s hope it stands the test of time. The XPERIA X2 could end up taking on the likes of the Palm Pre and the new iPhone. What say you? Pre? iPhone? X2?

[MobileReview via: WMPowerUser]

  • Tryme

    Hi, I did very things about Sony, but come to the phone Sony seem like behind of any phone in the market especially Nokia and the Iphone, if Sony want to on top of all they need to start to listion to the people what they very one especially the ” internal memory” Sony seem like very thrifty about that even thought it can expandable MicroSD but how much can it’s expandable, people need more space for music, pictures, video, and …ect. Unlike Nokia N97 it had all most very that into one device, it had 32gb of internal memor, 5MP camera with also double fled light, expandable MicroSD with I love because I can put more memory or upload software, I don’t have to worry to take in and out MicroSD, if you know what I mean that why I deside to go with Nokia N97 at firt I am considering xperai x1 because the design and I do love full Qwerty but what I have had read the a spec. I say forget it I arder Nokia N97 instead and I love, if Sony still thrifty about memory the X2 will be forgotten just X1. I hope Sony reading this.

  • Oliver

    Agreed… Sony is fallin behind.. i am going for N97 too

  • Georg D.

    I own an x1, I’m very happy with it, it’s screen is abit small but the quality is great. Having a keyboard is very handy. It’s a shame about the 3d hardware in it which is quite good and capable of 4 million triangles a second. There was some legal dispute that stopped other htc phones from using the qualcomm 3d hardware. I suspect now they don’t bother writing 3d games for the x1 because they won’t be getting the sales on the other htc phones with the same hardware but with no 3d drivers due to legal reasons. Only 3d game is xtrakt, it has graphics and framerate as good as playstation on and nearly as good as nintendo ds in my opinion. I will hold onto my x1 till the new x2 comes out which is bound to have snapdragon and tv out I pray.

  • Georg D.

    n97 is yesterdays news dudes, It would run quake better only because it has lower resolution and 3d hardware support whereas you need an xscale with intel acceleration to get the same framerate out of a winmo phone. But that obviously because intel and microsoft are one and the same and they would rather starve qualcom of 3d hardware supported games.

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