Samsung Jet: 800 MHz, 3.1” OLED screen, 5 megapixels and “smarter than a smartphone”


The Samsung Jet (aka S8000) has just been announced by Samsung USA, and the title of the press release is a bit offensive: “Samsung Jet – Smarter Than A Smartphone.” What exactly does that mean? Samsung says that the device supports multitasking and has Microsoft Exchange support baked in, but what about applications and an app store?

I am impressed by the 3.1 inch WVGA screen (800 x 480 pixels) that supports 16 million colors. Samsung seems to be the only manufacture out there trying to get OLED into as many devices as possible. I have no idea what their “Dolfin Web browser” is about, and I urge Samsung’s public relations people to take a look at how Apple, Sony Ericsson and Nokia write their press releases because no easy to find spec sheet makes me one disgruntled blogger.

Luckily Phone Arena has a prototype and has posted a preview! They’re happy the device has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port, surprised to see the browser supporting Flash content, and genuinely think the device will do well if it is reasonably priced. Wish I could tell you when it will ship and how much it will cost, but only Samsung knows that and they’re not sharing the details.

Watch Phone Arena’s video preview below:

Any Samsung device owners actually use and like the TouchWiz UI? I don’t see the appeal, but then again I’ve been a Nokia man for a long time.

  • Samsung Fan

    i used it and i liked it. Nokia phones suck–> Slow processor, not-so-sensitive touchscreen, boring transitions and funny designs. Samsung jet is better than nokia n97. about the applications, there are available widgets that are waiting to be downloaded by all users. i dont need a lot of those apps available in the market. samsung’s browser is nice.

  • JoaoP

    Bought one and i can say im happy about it. Some usability issues with the UI that could be better designed.

    8/10 in my opinion.

    • eric

      well…u have to be happy with what you got….coz nw u cannot change it!! hahaha 😛

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