iPhone 3G S Coming to Israel

iPhone 3G S

Israel may be finally getting their first iPhone once the 3G S launches, according to official distributor iDigital. In addition to the Apple store, both Pelephone and Orange should be getting the iPhone 3G S, but pricing still hasn’t been announced. When it comes to the timeframe, Israel wasn’t on the list of launch day countries during the WWDC announcement, so it’s safe to assume they’ll be getting it in the following weeks. In any case, good on Israel – it’s something of a mobile tech hub with innovative developers like Modu, Fring and Emoze operating from there, and it’s high time they have the chance to get on the iPhone bandwagon.

[nana10 via MacBlogz]

  • Israel

    The amazing service of Fring is also from Israel 🙂

  • Simon Sage

    I knew I forgot one… Thanks!

  • looks great, thank you!

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