HD Video: 4 minute Nokia E72 product tour and comparison with E71

I don’t know about you, but I have a total hard on for the Nokia E72. It literally fixes the only two problems, lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack and shit camera, that I had with an otherwise perfect E71. I updated Dusan’s post yesterday quite a few times with some live photos, and today I just so happened to search for Nokia E72 on YouTube and this video popped up:

There was also a second video uploaded that is quite boring to watch, but several of you will want to view anyway, that highlights the new “UI bling” that has been added to the E72 along with a demo of how well that optical navigation key works. At the 2 minute 19 second mark he whips out a Nokia E71 and does a comparison. Note his remark, the E72 is slightly thicker:

Update: Just because I love you, here is a third video from C|Net Asia:

  • Thomson

    The E72 look to be greate with 5MP , yeah the E71 camera with 3MP was a shit , I understand iphones 2mp most be a nightmare.

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