IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G S Launch Day Giveaway Bonanza!

Update: Stefan here, I’m turning off comments to this post since the contest is over. Will is going to get in touch with the three winners once he recovers after 12 hours of camping for the iPhone 3G S. Thanks to everyone who participated!


What could be better than a faster, more powerful iPhone launching this Friday?

A faster, more power-packed iPhone 3G S for FREE!

Whether you’re still bitter about AT&T’s decision to penalize current customers with an iPhone “loyalty tax,” or just cringing at the $199 entry-price for the 16GB iPhone 3G S, IntoMobile is here to help.

You still have time to enter, but you’d better enter quick! The first two iPhone 3G S winners will be announced at 4PM PST (Los Angeles time). We’ll announce the winners on the front-page (either in this post or a separate post). You can continue to enter until 11:59PM – we’ll be announcing the winner of our BONUS iPhone 3G S live from IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G S launch live-cast. We’ll be live-streaming the launch-day crowds at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade Apple Store starting later tonight!

Two winners have already been selected. Congratulations to Twitter user deanna_j and commentor Rob Werther on winning an iPhone 3G S! (Now all they have to do is contact IntoMobile)

The final winner of our one remaining iPhone 3G S will be picked tonight, live from Santa Monica Third Street Promenade Apple Store. We’ll be covering the launch festivities (and lines) live, so make sure to tune in tonight for our live-cast!

Announcing the IntoMobile iPhone 3G S Launch Day Giveaway Bonanza! Here’s what IntoMobile is doing to take the pain out of upgrading to an iPhone 3G S:

We’re not actually giving away 3 iPhone 3G S’s, that would be a logistical nightmare. Instead, we are giving away THREE (3) $200 Apple Store gift cards.

Three ways to enter the contest:

  1. Leave a comment that answers the question “Why do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?” in the comments section below this post
  2. Tweet (@IntoMobile) a short, coherent tweet that answers the question “Why do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?” to @IntoMobile
  3. Leave a comment and Tweet something – you get double the chances (or something like that) of winning!

Three winners:

  • Two winners will be chosen on Thursday, June 18th at 4pm PST – one winner will be chosen from our Twitter feed and one winner will be chosen from the comments section.
  • Bonus: One extra winner will be chosen from either the Twitter or comments section on Thursday June 18 at 11:59PM during IntoMobile’s iPhone 3G S launch-day live-cast!
  • Winners will be announced on the IntoMobile front page as well as through Twitter (make sure to follow @IntoMobile, @WillPark or @SimonSage)

The rules – follow them or be disqualified, it’s that simple:

  • Leave only ONE comment in this comments section below. If you post multiple comments, you will be disqualified. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your comment, contact us.
  • ONLY US residents aged 18 or older. You are only eligible for the contest if you are 18 or older and live in one of the 50 United States of America. We can’t accept any non-US entries. If we could, we would.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • Winners will be announced on the front-page and through Twitter (follow @IntoMobile, @WillPark or @SimonSage for the announcements).
  • Winner has have five (5) days to contact us to claim the prize. If you don’t contact us within five days, your prize will be given away to another lucky reader.
  • hassan

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3gs to use as an additional test platform for my app: inside redbox mobile

  • Shyls

    gimme gimme free iphone..gimme free..gimme free..

  • felipe

    i deserve it because i have been working so hard to get one and i still can’t buy an iphone besides i’ve never won something

  • Stephen

    I deserve one because my wife is constantly stealing mine to look up random people on imdb.

  • Mike

    I deserve an Iphone 3gs because I’m awesome. That is all.

  • Alex Wongthongsanguan

    I deserve the iPhone 3gs because I need my life back! I had the iPhone 3g but it was stolen last week after I went to the Apple Store to replace it!!! I’ve only not had it for less than a week and these have been the longest days ever! I use my iPhone for everything, it was my life. Now I find myself trying to pull out my iPhone to use, and all I find in my hands is a LG Shine!

    Please help me get an iPhone……. I NEED it!!!

  • Kishan

    I want an iPhone 3G S really badly.

    Or a gift card to help

  • Nick

    I would love an iPhone 3G S. However, there is a girl I know (the smartest, most beautiful girl in the world) who has been wanting an 8 GB iPod Touch. I know she would love it if instead she was surprised with a 16 GB iPhone 3 GS. I hope you pick me for her sake (and mine). Thank you!

  • blake

    i deserve an iphone 3gs so i can give it to my partner and hack the crap out of his iphone 3g!!

  • ANewell

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because June 19th is my birthday and I’m still using a battered Sony Ericsson Z520a. πŸ™

  • Suzi Kilgo

    I deserve an iphone 3gs because I want to learn. I am very interested in astronomy and would love to be able to make use of the new Google star map but need the new iPhone 3g s with the compass to be able to do this. Please pick me! I will really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • thom

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S, because:
    I spent my money on one for my wife before myself.
    I LOVE intomobile and have been following if for a long while, and never won anything.
    I want to learn it, and get my wife to use hers the same way; to it’s full potential!!

  • chris

    I deserve an iphone 3G S because I follow the greatest website in the world, intomobile, religio…..hold on, there some brown stuff on my nose. Religiously. Crap, its still there.

  • andy

    I deserve an iPhone 3Gs because I want to take spur of the moment videos of my wonder son and daughter and share them with family and friends!

  • Steve

    i need an iPhone 3G S so I can get my intomobile fix on the go….pretty please!

  • Anthony Moreland

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I just graduated from high school and archived 4 years of high school.. I am going to college this fall.. And i have been very blessed in many ways with positive things in my life!!

  • Alex

    I deserve a iPhone 3G S because I’m broke and an iPhone would allow me to pawn off my current cell phone, my alarm clock, maps, and most likely my TV. You know that way I could pay for the plan!

  • man23

    I should win the iphone 3g s because I really really want one an can’t aford it so please pick me . Please!

  • Mike

    I deserve one b/c I’m a loyal fan of this website and I love the iPhone!

  • Revanth

    Reason for winning: I have an old Nokia 6300 on a T-Mobile prepaid account and no iPod. Nuf said.

  • Monica Green

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because it would be handy to be able to shoot and edit video on the spot for my job. (I’m a newspaper editor.)

  • Bharath

    Only one reason: I read intomobile when I am at work or home, with the 3GS I will read it even on the road.

  • Samarth Rajendra

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS so that I can be at the forefront of technological revolution and lord over my college minions.

  • Shelbz

    I deserve one because I promised my daughter a new iPhone when her 3G was stolen her last day of school πŸ™

  • Daniel

    I deserve to win an iPhone because I have hated them for so long. Move over Blackberry! Show me the money!!

  • Blue

    I would love an iPhone 3GS because I need a “get out of the dog house” card. Our anniversary is coming up and I am still paying for the wedding…FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

  • Deej

    I deserve the 3GS because I was recently tearing out and rebuilding a porch for an old neighbor Lady for free. a 2×6 fell and smashed my current phone. And guess what. AT&T won’t give me upgrade pricing on a decent phone.

  • Scott K

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because having the ability to quickly access Epocrates and other quality medical apps will help me to better serve my patients in the hospital. (I’m a medical student and currently need to carry a Palm TX…I’d love to just carry an iPhone instead.)

  • De By

    i deserve the iphone because im going to school to be a application developer and i want to make apps for the iphone and windows mobile but i dont have enough money to buy one. i have the htc touch pro and now all i need is a iphone so when i develop apps i can try them on both phones…. in ther words the iphone 3gs will complete ME, let me become one with the iphone.. oh yeah i said iphone 6 times and thats my lucky number… k bye

  • Andrew

    I deserve to win an Apple iPhone 3GS so I can unlock it, sell it on eBay, and use the money to pay for my hefty UNC tuition.

  • J

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G because the price of the phone alone has put it out of reach for me… and this would go a long way toward allowing my iPhone dreams to become reality!

  • cat

    I deserve one because I want one, period. Thank you!

  • alex

    HI, I deserve to win because I really want one. and I havent got my hands on one yet. since its release on 07. I think its a great phone. It has everything I want on a phone. mail, web, picture. so on on.

  • Tony

    I deserve to win an Apple iPhone 3GS because everyone deserves to have an iPhone, but I’m currently too poor to buy one.

  • JC

    I deserve to win an Iphone3GS because I’m not an apple fanboy…

  • Shan

    I wouldn’t mind winning a free iPhone 3G S. If I did win I would give back to the community by making videos and doing comparisons with the Palm Pre on my Palm Pre site.

  • marktesch

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS because I want to give my wife the best tech gift ever:)

  • sirberry

    I would like to have it so I can see what all the hype is about the IPhone, I’ll post about it.

  • rmdvd3

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I love Apple, but hate that I have to wait for my contract to run up before I can get the upgrade price.

  • macoolit

    i deserve an iphone 3gs because i left a comment

  • Ganesh

    “Read in tune of Jingle all the way….”

    3GS,3GS and 3G all the way
    Oh! what fun it is to read
    Intomobile everyday

  • chris

    I would love one because I’m with T Mobile for 6 years and i don’t like AT&T period.

  • Martha

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS because I’ve suffered for the last 2 years with an inferior phone that couldn’t even alert me when I’d receive voicemail or miss a call. Clearly I’m due for some good technology karma.

  • Ken J

    I would love to have an Iphone 3gs to give to my mother who wants truly wants one. We would both be grateful.

  • johnloverde

    i deserve an iphone 3gs because i called att and they said i cant upgrade untill december.

  • Schrady

    FYI (or TMI?) — I am kneeling before the keyboard as I type.
    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I am addicted to my iPod Touch, so this is the natural progression of all things Apple. I am at the end of my contract with another carrier, so AT&T (ugh, eek, please don’t drop my calls) here I come. My wife knows (not ‘thinks’) I spend too much time on and with my gadgets, so spending money on this without some help from IntoMobile is out of the question. “Step up and be a man” you say? I’ve tried. “Who wears the pants in your relationship?” you ask. She does. This would be a major bone (sorry) you’re throwing me.

  • Ahmed

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3gs to use because I’m using Sony Ericsson T290i

  • Kim W.

    I deserve to be blessed with an iPhone because I’ve been dealing with Verizon’s shenanigans for toooo long!

  • Huston

    I think I deserve an iPhone3G S because I have had so much trouble with mine since the get-go. I have had to switch my iPhone3G out 3 times since I first bought it a few weeks after launch day. I had problems from screen going out on me and leaving me stranded with no way to call anybody to having a ton of software malfunction issues. I loved my first gen iPhone so much and it never gave me any problems until one of my employees stole my phone. Took alot of investigating but we found the evil doer :{. Anyways, I had to get my parents to buy me an iPhone3G and bring it to me on their trip to PR, which by the way could not sell the iPhone at that time. Then I finally get my new pearly white baby to have it be the most flaky, unreliable, phone I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my baby but seeing that new sexy iPhone makes me want to jump on it asap. Unfortunately, At&t has other plans and wants to keep us apart. What is a single gigelo like myself to do? PLEASE HELP INTOMOBILE!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Burcrim

    me me me so i can upgrade for the same price as newbies

  • Ornot2

    I would like a free iPhone, as I not only have been using a Mac for over 12 years (love the products) but would like to give AT&T the opportunity to win back my business. I was with the company they consumed then them for 13 years before their service began to “blow”. I truly think the only thing that would coax me over the AT&T “line” would be a free iPhone. Currently using an E71-2 on T-Mo and love to have 3G. Thx.

  • Cory

    I think I deserve an Iphone because I’m fixing to go overseas in a month or so, and my phone is incapable of being a computer while a phone, which is much needed though the country I’ll be in has limited (if any) Internet. I’m sure my parents would like to know how I’m doing is this foreign country, and Apple’s Iphone could allow that to happen for me.

  • Teemu

    I deserve to get an IPhone since I love it but can’t afford it :(. Please?

  • Naomi Moss

    Nobody deserves to win…but it would be very nice if it were me. I promise to put it to good use at home and work.

  • Omar

    I deserve an Iphone 3Gs because I am a medical student that could benefit from all the med apps. Besides..i’m like the only U.S. citizen who doesnt have an iphone as of yet.

  • roshan

    I deserve the iphone {because)
    i cannot afford it
    i love it
    i am dreaming it
    i am iphone (but)wihhout iphone

  • Heather S

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I’ve been using a Net 10 phone for too long…I’m also just secretly greedy πŸ˜‰

  • Nick Powers

    Winning an iPhone 3G S would help make my life serving the disadvantaged easier and more efficient. Storing client information and files on my phone can be quite sizeable at times, so the extra bump from 16GB to 32GB would really help me keep a complete picture of their histories, while at the same time being more secure with the inclusion of encryption and the remote wipe feature. Help me help others, IntoMobile! πŸ™‚

  • Rob Walch

    Everyone who follows deserves and iPhone 3G S!

  • Varun

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because i have been following intomobile for years now.

  • Christina

    I deserve a new iPhone 3G s because I can’t afford to upgrade to one! Please!!!

  • Travis Nelson

    I deserve to win an iPhone because my birthday and Father’s day are on the same day this year. And what a present it would be!

  • john t

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS because i am a loyal fan of both the apple product and I am on this site all day everyday. Will Park is also my favorite columnist/ blogger. I have never really won anything in life so this would seriously be on of the best things that has every happend to me.

  • Andrea Fiorillo

    I’m an italian users….i want to try if i-phone is better than my blackberry….

  • Andrea Fiorillo

    i want to try if i-phone is better than my blackberry….

  • Billy Morgan

    I deserve to win the iphone 3g s because it would be the highlight of my year after all the negative things like my mom losing her job and me and my wife both taking pay cuts and not being able to fix my truck and having to ride share for the last year and having the city tell me i have to redo my house because the paint has a few chips here and there, so this is why i feel that i deserve to win. Thank you.

  • Rijvan Mansuri

    iPhone is new oxygen for me in this techie world.. n i am trying to make more easy for other by developing new apps

  • Scott N

    To the Awesome Intomobile Team:

    I need it to be cool like everyone else.


    This will CHANGE my life for EVER!!!


    DO IT!!



  • felix bunn

    i deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because i use my iphone everyday for EVERYTHING & would like one that goes faster, lo i am not eligible for an upgrade until 4/25/2010….. I JUST CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I feel I deserve the new iPhone 3G S since I’m still using the first gen iPhone and I’ve been holding off since I figured the video capabilities would be coming to a newer iPhone. I use to work for AT&T Mobility. And would & still continue to read intomobile daily to keep updated on the newest news on cell phones! I love my iPhone and MacBook and iPod Touch! Since then however AT&T has messed up my account which makes my line not eligible to upgrade for the $199.99 price and I know it will take them forever to fix.

  • Solomon

    @IntoMobile, I deserve iPhone 3GS because I stood in line for so many hrs. to get iPhone 3G and now they bring a faster one for less

  • Aravinda

    I went through iphone 2G, 3G, then got a blackberry. I need to be converted back to the Jesus phone. The third coming looks marvelous.

  • Andy McMahon

    I deserve to win because you look so sexy in those jeans, and that shirt really brings out your eyes…

    Just sayin’.

  • doctor

    I deserve it for I accidentally broke my iphone’s glass screen. Apple wants to charge me $199 for repair and ATT says i cannot upgrade now. I am out of options for I dont have 2 much money. I need it more than I deserve it.

  • Zishe

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I love it and I am a “IntoMobile” fan boy,
    And I definitely can’t afford to buy one,
    So winning is my ONLY choice to get one !!!

    I am sort of a “poor apple” love everything cant buy anything,

    I HOPE I’ll win.

  • Scott

    Do I deserve to win the new Iphone 3GS more than the next guy or girl? Probably not. However the reason I would like to own one is simple. It would allow me to keep all my music and videos in one place accessible at all times. When grocery shopping (I’m a chef so I spend alot of time in the grocery store)I would be able to look up ingredients and recipes from applications such as, allrecipes and the like. It would be cool to check email and facebook and browse the web when away from home(I have a two hour commute everyday so Im never home). Do I really need the new iphone 3GS? No. Do I really deserve it? No more than anyone else does I suppose. Would it be nice to have? Yeah…it would be pretty sweet. Thanks to all at intomobile for letting us have a shot at the new Iphone 3GS!

  • mrjuandrful

    I believe I deserve a a 3gs based off my love of apple. There are red delicious, grannysmith and macintosh to name a few. Apple core, who’s your friend… me!

  • Shimmy

    I think I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I was robbed of my iPhone 3G (along with my wallet) merely a couple weeks after getting it.

  • mu$h da great

    because I just want one lol……

  • Joe Pedro

    I think I would qualify because i gave my wife my iphone to show her how much I loved her. she is leaving me! I don’t think I could ever afford one now! πŸ™

  • Jason

    I deserve the iPhone 3GS because I’ve been a loyal iphoner since day 1 and I feel cheated out of the newest model because of the steep price tag. It was bad enough I had to spend $600 for the original, I’m not doing that again.

  • narayana

    me also their for 3g iphone

  • PhoneBoy

    I need something that doesn’t suck that can displace all my Nokia handsets. At least now I don’t work for Nokia and don’t have to toe the corporate line πŸ˜‰

  • @BoomerangJang

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I’ve never owned a PC. I’m a Mac through and through!

  • Nikki Rose Ty

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I got laid off in March, I’m a student, and I’m an iPhone geek!

  • Dustin

    I would really like the chance to get my hands on the iphone 3gs because I bought the original iPhone 2 wkd befor the anouncement of iPhone 3g and was 5 days shy of the grace period to swap and pay the difference. Currently I’m on my 5th iPhone all the recent ones have all had different problems one had camera software issues another one had a weird deffect where the screen shaddered once the glass, the other had battery problems would only last 3 hrs, and last but not least one didn’t play music over the head phones. I would just like the chance to get an iPhone actually worth the $500 I spent!

  • kay

    I work in the tech support for a cellular phone manufacturer and love working and learning new devices and–I am a Closet Geek.

  • Cananito

    I deserve to win it because I want one so bad that I would do almost anything for it, well… kinda. It’s been 2 years without iPhone and I feel like it’s the only thing in my life that is missing. I just want it so bad. πŸ™‚

  • Milan

    i deserve one because i’m still using the 1st gen model πŸ™

  • Robert Dulin

    I deserve the iPhone 3Gs because…well I honestly don’t know why I necessarily DESERVE the new iPhone because I don’t know that ANYONE deserves such an incredible piece of equipment. But I can say that I am probably as deserving as anyone else who posts on here. So all I can do is say I’d really appreciate winning this contest and I’ll keep my fingers crossed and anxiously await your decision.

  • islamari

    I deserve an iPhone because I have been wanting one since they came out but have not been able to afford it. I carry around a very heavy, outdated planner and the iPhone will help me to get more organized and take away the heavy load πŸ™‚

  • wmserver

    I needed one as I need to provide support but WM devices and iPhones in my company.

  • imma_aunt

    I think I deserve an iPhone because I want to be apart of the Apple family. For as much as I’ve wished to I’ve never owned anything Apple and others that I know who do give me such a hard time because of it. I don’t even own an ipod shuffle! Please help me get in touch with the rest of society. Yes, that’s it I would like to see what it feels like to be on the “A” list. I”m tired of “faking the funk” a with knock-offs. And I’m so tired of owning the crappiest phones that look uh …ok and work only after I’ve had to open the case and replace the batteries a gazillion times. I won’t even go into how many times I’ve been to the repair facilities with my phones. Anyway, to cut my long story short I need and I want this so badly. Please make my wish come true.

  • David

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I need to complete the portfolio of OS’s and devices for an enterprise deployment of mobile technologies

  • Jeb Brilliant

    I deserve an iPhone because I’ve never had one and never been able to review one. I’m a bit jaded and only go for Nokias and I think I deserve to be swayed the other way, don’t you? I need to see the light!


  • Vince

    I deserve an iPhone 3gs because I NEED it very very badly! So much so that I am writing this comment on my iPhone 3G. I am a cellphone junkie who needs a fix. My addiction is a mythical beast with an absurdly, voracious appetite. Please Intomobile, won’t you help me satisfy this beast that resides within me so that I may once again be at peace (momentarily)? Plus my birthday was on Sunday and this would make a mind blowingly, delicious belated b-day present. Thanks intomobile! Hope I win!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Lewis Allison

    Because I’m Scottish??!!

  • Rally

    Again, I deserve it cause’ I don’t want it, would rather have a Pre.

  • Natalie

    I would just luv to win so I can give it to my son as a suprise on his birthday/fathers day June 22nd.

  • Justin

    I deserve an iphone 3GS because I have a Blackberry Bold right now and want to see hopw much they differ.

  • Sant

    I want to win because I have not had any luck ever. Just once want to defeat that creature called “LUCK”. May be that will help me find a job.


  • Acidsmooth

    I deserve a new iPhone 3Gs because I held out as long as I could, waiting for a 32GB iPhone, because a 16GB doesn’t hold as much Apple Lossless as I need it to. But my Treo 650 died right before my B-day in March. So I got an iPhone 3G in March so I could have a cell phone. 3 Months later the phone I actually wanted gets released for the same price I paid for the phone that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I feel ripped off and it has only to do with timing, not the contract I signed.

  • Ryan

    I don’t deserve one, but I’d like to give it to a friend of mine who is a youth pastor and could really use an easier way to communicate with his youth.

  • NEOband

    I deserve to win cause I want to see David Hasselhoff cry one more time cause I got an iPhone 3GS before he does!

  • John I

    Help! I’m lost and I need a compass!

  • Zook

    I deserve the new iPhone 3G S for the following reasons: 1. I have been a loyal Apple supporter for six years since I got my first G4. 2. I just graduated from Texas A&M into the worst possible job market/gift market ever… I have been trying for the past six months to find a job and have found absolutely nothing 3. I know that getting a new iPhone 3G S will help me consolidate my life and help me with my job search on-the-go as I travel to different places to find something and 4. I think I deserve a graduation gift after getting stiffed by everyone I know stating “financial troubles” as their reason. Thanks IntoMobile.

  • Jeremy

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I am a 24 year old male walking around with a 4 year old PINK Nokia flip phone belonging to my brother’s girlfriend. I am too poor to buy a mad iPhone! Help me Please!

  • Ricardo

    I deserve an iPhone 3Gs becuase it would be a nice upgrade to the “brick” or Windows Mobile 5 phone im currently using. Having a phone that actually works and doesnt require a reboot every time you use it would be nice for a change. Im looking forward to playing with an iPhone 3GS and it would be fun to win something.

  • Mariann Eppolito

    I deserve to win the iphone 3G s because I totally love the iphone. I have had two iphones and think they are the greatest thing since white bread. I have just talked two people into buying an iphone. I am the biggest fan ever.

  • Anton

    I deserve an iPhone because I feel so sorry for myself for not having one!

  • Galen20K

    Because I don’t care if I win so I deserve it most.

  • Heather

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I would never pay for one. Ha ha ha! I wouldn’t want to pay that much to switch carriers, and I already have an iPod Touch. Winning a 3G S would be GREAT!

  • Qasim

    “Why do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?”

    Because I’ve lived with one phone all my life; the worst flip phone ever. And unfortunately, I can’t, can’t, buy the iPhone 3G/3G S. I really hope to win this, and thanks! πŸ˜€ lol

  • Rob

    I’d really like to have an iPhone because as a student, its now more important than ever to stay connected to the news classes, and schoolwork!

  • Shikar

    I need an iPhone 3gs becuase I really want a gps with tomtom for my car. Please give it to me

  • keefe

    I deserve to win an Iphone 3GS because I’ve been trapped in my house all summer studying for medical school board exams. So I don’t mess up when you get sick and I’m your surgeon (hopefully you never need those sort of services). It’ll help me load my med apps quicker!!!!

  • Michele P.

    I’d love an iPhone 3G S
    since I love technology
    my iPod touch is great-
    but no one can ever call me πŸ™

    I need an all in one product-
    even better if it’s free
    I’ll sign up and get a contract
    talk and help stimulate the economy πŸ™‚

    with all the cool features
    learning them will be lots of fun-
    you gotta admit, I will be stylish
    and the envy of everyone!

  • Melissa Paser

    I am well deserving of the iphone 3GS because I promise I will use it all the time for doing my research on the internet to help uphold the United States Constitution because our government is tramping on it as we speak!
    …and I AM proud to be an American, like our forefathers, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, etc.

    Thank you πŸ™‚ MP

  • deanna

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I have 15 Apps sitting in my iTunes account I’m dying to try and nothing to put them on. πŸ™

  • Thom

    Oh geez, I think that I deserve the new iPhone 3GS because I’ve been an iPhone owner since day-one. Now I really, REALLY wanted to get the new iPhone but because a family member is on his way into the hospital tomorrow I can’t afford the $500 upgrade price tag because we’re paying his bills while he’s in for care. Dang.

  • John Adams

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I had to sell my iPhone 3G, my 42″ LCD TV, my Apple Mac Pro 8 core desktop to pay for legal fees to win custody of my fiances children.

  • eduardo

    i would like an an iphone because sprint screwed me over with the instinct >:/ I had the choice of either iphone or instinct .. and they said the instinct was “The iphone killer ” but it stinks !!! so there i go believing them and look at me now!!! im desperate

  • Ignacio

    I deserve an iPhone because I am tired of feeling excluded for not having one!!!

  • Brian

    I deserve a new iPhone because I still have a 2G that came loaded with 1.2 OS. Anyone remember that? πŸ™‚ I’ve outgrown 8gb and waited out last years batch of phones for something better and here it is. I can haz iPhone pleeze?

  • Krugert

    I should get the iPhone because I live in Canada!

  • Landon

    well, honestly, i don’t really think i have a reason to win this. i’m actually not even sure how i came across this website, honestly. i left my computer to go and pick up my car from the shop because i got the oil changed in it today, and came back and this website was open on my computer. strange, huh? anyway, i think in my entire life i’ve won a cd case at my father’s company picnic when i was about seven, other than that, nothing. soo, pick me?
    that’d be nice. [:

  • Chris l

    I deserve an iphone 3g s so i could use my current 3g as a standby phone

  • Adam W

    I deserve a brand spanking new 3g s cause I’m in contract with AT&T and it would cost over 700 dollars to just buy one and that my friends, is ridiculous.

  • SkywayTraffic

    I deserve a free iphone because AT&T is screwing me so hard I’m sore!

  • Nilan

    Cracked iPhone screen … $250
    Lost/Stolen iPhone … $499
    $200 Apple Store Gift Card from IntoMobile … priceless

  • JB

    I’m extatic about the new iPhone! I hope to enjoy all the new features…I’ll need a phone to do this!

    Hows bout tossing over 1 of those freebees to me?! : – )

  • Jose E. Martinez

    I deserve to win the iPhone because I am the man!

  • Jerel

    I deserve a 3GS because WE ALL DESERVE A CHANCE TO GET A 3GS

  • Pedro Aguirre

    I deserve to have an iphone 3g s, because I just got into college!

  • J. Glenn Kunzler

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I work very hard to stay on top of technology, however as a college student I lack the money to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

  • wei lu

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3gs cuz

    my g1’s battery really sucks

  • Deepak

    I think I deserve an iPhone 3GS because I bought an iPhone 3G just a couple of months back, which was stolen. Now, I cannot buy the new iPhone 3GS till next year because of AT&T.

  • Lars

    So that I can give it to my Father for Father’s day.

  • Anthony Tang

    I deserve to win an Iphone 3GS because my original Iphone 1st generation broke. I tried to see if I had insurance, but unfortunatly that is one phone that is not covered by AT&T. I am also not yet eligible for an upgrade and actually contemplated paying the full price for the phone. If I win, at least I would only have to pay half price. I feel so lost without my iphone.

  • Joel

    I think I deserve because ever since the first iPhone has been release I been wanting to get it, and till this day I can’t get one, I’m stuck with verizon for another year, but if I win you can be sure I will switch even if I have to pay the penalty fee.

  • Bernie

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3.0 S because I was told that when the new upgrade was released it would apply to my current iPhone. As a teacher, I have been finding many great uses for my 3G. I can only imagine the great uses that the new phone would offer.

  • Jim

    Let’s face it – none of us NEED an iPhone 3gs, but it would be pretty cool. Anyway, here’s my comment. Good luck to all!

  • Jennifer Chow

    I would love an iphone because it would help me keep in touch with my daughter who has type 1 diabetes so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about her.

  • Katrina G.

    Because I need one!

  • Zach

    Reason for phone: I’ll never have the money to get one because my wife loves to spend all of my money. Seriously.

  • Shaybee

    I deserve the iphone because I dropped my iphone 3g in the toilet in april and have been with our iphone ever since because i cant pay $499 for a new one πŸ™

  • Matthew

    I deserve an iPhone b/c I’m taking a software dev class this fall and need a smartphone to be able to actually deploy my applications; otherwise, we’re stuck with simulators. Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Isaac

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because i would like to give it to my wife as a present on our first year anniversary.

  • Melissa

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I work hard, and couldn’t afford to buy one on my own.

  • Julio

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I have never won anything.

  • Jason B.

    I deserve to win a new iphone 3GS because i am a film student and can’t afford one right now. Plus I can use the video feature.

  • Logan

    My girlfriend deserves an iPhone 3G S because all of her money goes towards her son and she doesn’t get anything for herself anymore.

  • Maciej

    I deserve a 3GS because I’m starting residency on monday and have absolutely no $$ to upgrade my motorola F3 (google it – it sucks) to something that can save some lives. IPhone Cardiac monitor FTW!!

  • Farai

    I should win over all these other ppl.. I desearve it

  • Andy2009

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I want to give it away as a gift for my wife.

  • Jeeri

    I have had so much fun unlocking my friends world by jailbreaking there 3g..It would be nice to play with the new iphone and see what its really can do.
    Good luck all…


  • Desmin

    I deserve to win the new Apple iPhone 3GS because I never win anything, plain and simple. I am still using the 2G iPhone, that I waaaaay overpaid for. It was worth it but shortly after, the iPhone 3G was released. Ugh. I want to win!!!

  • Hope

    Ideserve to win a iPhone because I’ve never won anything before and the reason I would love to win one is cause I also use the one for work and it would be great to have a faster phone and be able to do things that I can’t with this onebsuxh as video.

  • Hope

    Everyone body wants to win an iPhone 3gs because not everyone can oxford one and the people who are under contract can afford to dish out 400 or 600 hundred to upgrade to the newest phones. So if I win one it will be the first thing I ever won and I would be ever so grateful if I’m picked but if not congrats to those who do win.

  • saurabh anand

    cause i cant afford a cool gadget like apples iphone but i will buy it someday with my own money , if i m not get selected by you.u can say that i m in love with this phone,i can reject a girl if shes compared to apple iphone …..once i saw this on net i was stumped i m in love with iphone i would say .please please please chose me as the winner ………..saurabh anand ,
    thanks sir

  • Kenny

    I would love go get a new iphone so that my wife and I can stop having to share mine.

  • joe cr.

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I would love for my first cell phone ever to be the best one out there.

  • SriHarsha Angara

    i dont think i deserve to win the iPhone 3GS. If i did i would go buy it myself. For watever reason i cant, so i dont deserve an iPhone 3GS.

  • bellehboy

    i think i deserve an iphone 3g S

    because ive always wanted an iphone, ever since gen one came out,

    ive never one a single thing in my life like this,

    and im going through a great deal of hardship with my family and dealing with horrible memories,

    i justneed something like this to pick me up a little.

  • Nycoma

    I deserve an iPhone 3G-S because I am on my 4th iPhone. I love my iPhone so much that when they other ones met their demise through many different means I actually put up the money each time to get a new one. Little do most people know that Apple actually takes mercy on your soul the first time you break it and allows you to buy one for the upgrade price (if they are feeling nice). But after the first time, there is no mercy. So really if I won the gift card it would be trying to reimburse me for the $1500 I have spent on iPhones already… Plus I <3 πŸ™‚

  • Lowey

    because I am apple mad, I love apple, I also love intomobile as much as I love apple, I want to be an apple, i want to be intomobile! you guys rock

  • Brian Whiteside

    I don’t deserve a new iPhone any more than anyone else, but sure would like one. Thank you.

  • Justin Parker

    I deserve an iPhone 3g s because my girlfriend really wants to upgrade to the iphoe from her tmobile sidekick and if I get the 3g s I will give her my iPhone 3g like a loving boyfriend should.

  • Danny

    I deserve a free iPhone 3G S because I have never owned a smartphone before D: I’ve been stuck with T-Mobile (the worst cell phone provider imo) and there have never been any real good options for phones. I’ve been using an ipod touch for awhile, and I would love to replace it with an iPhone 3G S and give my touch to my younger sister.

  • Steve Brown

    i deserve to Win an iPhone 3GS because ever since the day I first touch an iPhone i have wanted one of my own. I have been helping iPhone owners for a year and a half get their iPhones repaired after dropping them and I have never had a disappointed customer. I get referrals from AT&T stores and Walmart for repairs. But swear, I cannot afford an iPhone of my own, I pieced together a Blackberry Curve, but my Dream is to own an iPhone 3GS of my very own.

  • ShadowDOSE

    If jailbroken ipod touches, unlocked multiple i
    Iphones. And repaired two broken ones. Sad thing is, none of em were mine. I dont own an iphone. But ive learned alot by playing with the ones around me and watching many videos online. It be nice to finally get one for myself, which oican then unlock and use with my current provider.

  • Ross

    … because nothing says “multi-tasking” like having 3 iPhones.

  • Jayakrishnan

    A few months back ,my friend bought an iPhone 3G.He used to show off his new apps to me and his friends,and we were like “Oh my .. thats awesome “. He was always happy to share his phone with us ,whenever he came to see me, he had something new to show me..But a few days back , he seemed to be desperate , then he told someone stole his phone. Now i want to help him.. I entered so many ‘iPhone giveaway contests’ but won nothing! I really want to give him an iPhone, which would give him his life back.An iPhone will solve every problems..PLEASE make me the best buddy ever..Thanks.

  • Henny Penny

    I deserve an iPhone3G S because I’m a poor student who has to come up with rediculous lines like “You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with peanuts.” and other silly ads. I also don’t want to wait until the upgrade is due.

  • woody

    My wife deserves to win an iphone 3gs because she is a technophobe who’s too cheap to buy one She also won’t let me buy one for her (waste of our money). She secretly loves my iphone 3g, and would love her own iphone if she had one. She’s now even saying that I should buy one and give her my old 3g, but that she would never want us to waste $200-$300 on one for her. Given that what she loves most about it is sending pictures of our 5 month old son to our parents, she should really have the one with the better camera. Winning one would be the perfect solution!

  • Snidely

    I deserve the 3G S because my company had a chance to get the original iPhone, but balked at Apple terms. “It’s just another phone” they said. They were wrong. We’re now getting battered by this device. Every time I see one, I want to buy an iPhone to have at work to show everyone what a stupid decision we made.

  • jane semela

    i deserve to to have a phone becouse is my father birthday on the 25 june.i dont have money to buy him a gift.i know he will loved 3g phone very much.please guzz give me this chace.please

  • susan

    I deserve to win an IPhone 3GS because I am always the last person to have any hip technology–I can tell you that I will be a great marketing person if I win, because I probably won’t stop talking about it! Please pick me.

  • LeAnne

    Hmm… iphone’s only weakness will be solved this coming Friday, so I must say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to iphone’s users… iphone will be the BEST forever and ever…

  • Eric Fingeret

    I deserve an Iphone because all I have is this Nokia E65. It will be like moving from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in day…

  • WildFire

    I deserve a iPhone3G S because I am a dedicated iTunes user and iPod Listener. I am also a Helpdesk Manager in the field of IT, so I can assure you that I will use the 3G to it maximum potential. I also download alot of apps; I like to contribute back to the community by leaving alot of feedback about apps and music. Finally, I really need it because I have the crappiest phone in the history of the universe. (LG Rumor) Please get me away FROM SPRINT!!! They’re the worst company ever…they have the worst phones.

  • BigRedRPB

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I’m back to using my old Nokia after my girlfriend broke her iPhone and I gave her mine to suck up. Wait, maybe that’s a reason not to deserve an iPhone 3G S. πŸ™‚

  • Erre23

    I don’t deserve it, but it would be a nice treat for doing very well my first year of law school.

  • Gino Gallo

    The reason that I should win the new iphone 3gs is this: I bought an Iphone 3g 31 days before they announced the new 3gs and that means I COULDN’T RETURN IT to upgrade to the newer phone! Apple lowered the price of the refurbished Iphone a little more than a month before the new phone’s announcement to clear they’re shelves for the 3G S. I’m one of the dumb customers who actually bought the phone. Now I have buyer’s remorse because I REALLY want the capabilities the newer phone has…I would have never bought the phone when I did…I would have waited another month. FML

  • Jasper

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS because I want to do a true comparison between the iPhone 3GS and my Palm Pre.

  • Chad M.

    I deserve to win an iphone 3gs b/c I would like to give my 3g to my dad or brother for father’s day. They are great! The only problem is that I would have to decide which one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • craver

    I currently have BB Bold, also a runner. Would luv a 3GS for Nike+ – give me a 3GS I’ll write you a Nike+ review!

  • Problematic

    Why do I deserve one?

    I’ll pass my 3G to someone else for free and because I’ve been clicking the “Check for Update” button in iTunes since midnight EST only to find out now that its due to be released 1pm EST. Had I not looked around, I would be checking for a while 13 hours.

    I have an addiction, its a serious problem but Im not quite ready to deal with it right now.

  • Michael Rainey

    I would love to shoot video of my upcoming travels to Ecuador with my iPhone. An upgrade to 3G S would allow me to do so. =)

  • Jasper

    I want one so I can put it next to my original and 3G.

  • Tom Friend

    I deserve an iPhone because of my crow-like nature. I crave having the latest shiny bauble of technology.

  • Saurabh

    I have been an apple fan for years but the recent economy and layoffs has thrown me out of the tech world. I would really use the money to get back into the game. I am in the process of interviews and stuff so I can always this gift card to buy one when I can finally afford to pay the data plan charges. Hopefully, the latter comes in first… I am assuming this card will not expire before that (again, assuming if I win)…

  • Craig B

    I think it’s not a question of who deserves to win it, but rather why I would like to be selected to win the phone. I have a cousin who is totally heartbroken that her iPhone was stolen, she is only 16 and worked extremely hard to pay for the phone with her own money. Her parents would not help with her purchase, only to have the phone stolen. She then had to purchase a different handset since the phone was taken from her. I would like to be able to win the phone for her, and give her the phone. I think a 16 year old that spent her hard earned dollars on the phone only to have it taken from her deserves the chance to get another phone. I want the phone, but not for me, yet for her.

  • Randy

    I’ve been using a legacy iPhone with a dead screen strip since last year, and downloading applications to work around the fact that the entire bottom quarter-inch is non-responsive. Alternate email application, no space bar for text messages (forcing those who receive my texts to wade through the resulting mess), inability to dial the telephone (unless I email myself the number I wish to dial and then click on the link). That’s just a sample of the mess I’ve been dealing with.

    Yeah, I sure could use a new iPhone…

  • Ernest Doku

    iPhone 3G S. If I don’t have one…what will my peers think of me? Also…I dropped my last one in the toilet.



  • Richard A

    I deserve an Iphone 3G-S for the purposes of peace and harmony. Peace and Harmony in my house, that is. We are bringing up an amazingly tech savvy 5 year old, and the first thing he says to me as I walk in the door is HiDaddyI’mGladYouAreHomeILoveYouCanIUseYourPhone? Neither my wife nor I is eligible for an upgrade, she has no iphone, and it would be a peaceful, harmonious experience to be a 2 Iphone family to just hear HiDaddyI’mGladYouAreHomeILoveYou, since he would be able to have access to my wife’s Iphone during the day.

  • Aditya Seth

    Hi, i deserve to win an apple iphone because i hv been waiting for its $$ amount to go down since it first came out..Like every phone i was expecting the Wireless Networks to give it out for free eventually if u sign a contract with them..but i dont see it happening in the near future…ive been using my Nokia 6360 in the hope of its price going down but no luck yet…so help me to finally get rid of my Nokia..Thank you

  • Paul T

    I don’t deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because it was created in the likeness of Steve Jobs. I am not worthy! None of us are!!

  • greenchucks

    I think I deserve the iphone 3g s because of my company loyalty; even if I’ve been given the short end of the stick more than once. I literally spent 200 dollars barely a month ago on a brand new 8gig 3g. I know apple’s products are few and far between, but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me without warning. I also purchaced an ibook g4 about a month before the release of the macbooks (without any word of warning). I’d like to feel like i’m getting something good out of this company considering all the money I spend on shortly outdated products when something new only seems to be around the corner after I buy something.

  • Aaron

    Deserve one maybe i do or dont.My first i phone i dropped and the screen shattetred so i had to buy a new one.Got another one and my 4 year old soon dropped it in the toliet.It worked all but the bottom part.So bought another and still have it thanks for the post and chance to win.

  • Beany

    Truthfully I probably don’t deserve anything but I’ll try. It just breaks my heart that us loyal iphoners have to pay the extra 200 bucks to upgrade.

  • Mike Mullaney

    Everybody deserves technology like this, however since my life is so busy between commuting 1hr each way to/from work, taking care of kids, 11, 3, and visiting son in NC, on top of regular business trips, the iphone3gs will help me do my work faster, so I can be with my family longer, and live happier>.. Thanks !!!!!1

  • dizil

    I deserve one because well honestly I don’t deserve one but it would be nice to win something once and a while.


  • Josh

    I deserve an iPhone…er… Apple gift card… because I’m looking into getting one for development purposes for making a living.

  • DonM

    I deserve to win a new iphone/gift certificate because I am just as self centered as the person that posts next in line!

  • max

    Because the iPhones current camera is useless.

  • Lalo

    i think i deserve an iphone 3gs

    im in the marines and away from mmy family all the time.

    with the phone i could stay connected with them all the time…i know any phone can do the same but this phone is very useful

    therefore i would more want it than desreve it

  • Omar

    If I don’t get it, I will jump off the roof. So spare my life and hook me up!

  • Steve Squires

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS because I am a huge iPhone fanatic but am stuck with an 8 gig model due to extreme lack of 16 gig availability when I got stuck with a 3 yr contract with my provider. In my haste to get an iPhone I compromised and now have to juggle all the files I’d like on my iPhone.
    It’s iPhone hell!
    Plus flipping through iPhone photos on the computer to recreate the video effect just isn’t impressing my friends….sighhhh
    Please please please…help me get a better iPhone!!

  • Thomas

    Birthday Boy (my son’s B-day is next week) has a ‘cheapo’ cell phone that I got as a free upgrade for him years ago. While I’ve indulged myself with my iPhone and ALL its features, he’s been left behind technologically, longing for a new phone. He admires all my iPhone apps, iTunes songs and videos, and fast internet. Is this, soon to be, 15 year old ready for this adult phone?

  • Don

    Please give me one since I am poor :o(

  • Lowey

    Obviously i should have it for fathers day as i am a saint looking after two small monsters!!! thanks!

  • Amanda

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS so I could make Videos on the go for My Lyme Disease Awareness Vlog!

  • Kevin

    I have been unemployed for 18 months and have landed a job out of town and need a GPS to get me there. What better way than to have an iPhone pass the time and get me there over the 17 hour drive.

  • Kelly

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I’ve been using my iPhone 3G for nearly a year now (which I paid $500 for – the 16GB even) and there is no way I can afford to dish out $600 for a new phone. I’m a poor college student, all my money has to go to my tuition. As much as I love my iPhone 3G, I don’t think the phone loves me so much anymore from all the use it gets.

  • parker

    i should win an iphone because i am just out of college and is very knowledge in the technological world. I want the opportunity to make applications for the future and the rest of the world

  • Emanuel Nelson

    I think I deserve an iPhone 3gs because AT&T is evil and is making me pay full price for it(700 dollars). And if I don’t get the latest Iphone I would just die!

  • William J. Ashby

    Because I want one.

  • bail

    I think I should get the 3g s because i bought my iphone at no-commitment and att still jacked me with a 2 year contract and now they wont change it around so I dont have to pay the early upgrade fee, and it’d really bug the crap out of my girlfriend that wants one because even though the 3g s is same form factor, she thinks its cuter o.o

  • Monica

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S so I can use it for my job. I am a journalist, and it would be very handy!

  • Alan

    I don’t necessarily deserve an iPhone, but seeing this contest ad, I figure what the heck. I’d would just like an iPhone that actually performs as shown in commercials, not at a false simulated speed. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Joe S.

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3gs so I don’t have to sleep on the couch for a month after the wife sees the credit card bill.

  • teno

    I deserve a new iPhone 3G S, because Fall of 2006 I badly needed a smartphone. I was about to buy a Black Berry and sign a new contract when I heard through rumors that Apple was about to launch a phone. Even though the rumors were unconfirmed I waited. When the iPhone was announced January 2007. I knew it was the phone I wanted. I bought a used BB and stayed out of contract until June 2007, where I bought the iPhone on its introductory weekend. The next year I stood in line again to buy the iPhone 3G.

  • Daniel Salazar

    I deserve to win the gift card becouse i am an apassionated fun of the iphone, but i have an old nokia “brick” model jeje.
    Greetings From Chile!!!

  • Wesley Wey

    I deserve it because I have had a Motorola Razr for 3 years now…

  • Egypt

    I deserve it because i’ve had AT&T for over 10 years( i’m 25 and i’m on my mom’s plan, but i pay the bill. close caption, *I HAVE BAD CREDIT*), and i’ve supported AT&T all this time even when mother wanted to switch to someone else. Also, i like AT&T so much that i start to work for them. But guess what, i don’t get a discount on anything Apple. πŸ™ Can you say sad face? I know right!!! So I would like to be the winner of the gift card so i can purchase the new IPHONE 3g Speed. Tech Lords only knows i can’t afford to buy it regular price with what i’m making, but that’s another story. So hopefully they have you bless me. SO PLEASE PICK ME. PICK ME. PICK ME.

  • Daniel Popescu

    I deserve an iphone 3gs so that i don’t have to drop another 300 bux, pay Early Termination Fees, and find a taker for my iphone 3g on ebay

  • chris

    I deserve the iphone 3GSbecause my iphone 3G got stolen about a month ago, and as a college student cannot afford to get a new one. (im still in my contract) πŸ™

  • Jerry

    I deserve an iphone 3gs because i still am using a green screen colorless nokia…….

  • iphonegangsta

    hmm..well i have nothing special in theory. i would rather be able to get it for my buddy who has verizon and would love to switch to att and the iphone but as he is going to a divorce and has bearly any money to get by. he is living in his sisters old room at his mothers house. that my friends really bites. so i would use it to give to him so he could make the switch. i would even pay his early term fee to leave verizon.

  • Alex green

    I think i should win the giftcard because i want to finally get my girfriend’s 3 year old nephew an ipod touch so he can play tap tap revenge anytime he wants. He can beat me in extreme mode and im a pretty hardcore guitar hero player so he deserves it

  • T. Painter

    Let’s face it: I don’t deserve a iPhone3G S because I am a bad person. Just kidding! I once saved a copperhead from a neighbor’s weedeater. It’s been living happily by the lake ever since and only occasionally bites people.

  • Jessica

    I deserve the iphone, so that I can give one to my fiance. I have been out of work for almost a year so we would never be able to afford buying it ourselves. Mine phone was stolen a month ago and my friends chipped in and got me one. But now he is so sad and jealous. I wish I could afford to buy him one myself, but I cannot. Please help me cheer him up.

  • lisa

    I don’t really *deserve* a new one per se, I just got my 16GB last July…but I am an addict and must have the latest (32GB yeee!) gadget to fill my tech lust. Plus I want to be able to take decent pictures and video of my gorgeous kidlets and finally have an extra hadset they can fool around with.


  • Alexander Yust

    Winning a new iPhone could save my marriage. My wife thinks I am a techno geek, and believes waiting in line on Friday is a waste of time. If I win a new iPhone, it’ll save me from the ensuing fight.

  • Moezy

    I deserve to win this Iphone 3GS because I want to get my dad a great gift for fathers day which is in a week..

    He will love it since he always talks about wanting to get an Iphone but just to expensive for him and I want to suprise him,

    So Please I hope I win

    Thank You

  • SaloMog

    I deserve to win one, so i can finally ditch my Blackberry Storm, and jump on the boat with the rest of the Tools of Apple.

  • Craig

    I would love a new iPhone 3GS so i cna keep up with my friends and family in New England that are part of my church. I am a disabled Vet Ret NAVY and can’t do much so I love to keep up with the church and friends with F book, e-mail and chating.

    Thanks! and God bless ya all!

  • CJ

    I think I deserve one because I’ve never had one of the previous versions

  • Courtland Ellis

    I deserve the 3Gs iPhone due to I work for the State of California and with the first 9.46% paycut and proposed additional 5% paycut can not afford one. My daughter just enrolled in college which I am paying for, the oldest son enlisted into the US Marine Corps and my youngest is in junior high school. I need a new phone due to I have a blackberry pearl in order to keep in touch with my two oldest children who have iPhone’s or as they say I need to get with the times. Thanks for listening of as some would say whinning but if I win will be grateful. Thanks in debit but proud father.

  • Courtland Ellis

    I deserve a new iPhone 3Gs because I am a single father of three working for the State of California with a 9.46% paycut. I am paying for my daughter to go to college, my oldest son just enlisted in the US Marine Corps and a preteen still at home and in school. My older children both have iPhones and I communicate on a blackberry pearl and I am told to catch up to the 21st century. I would be greatly appreciative if I am chosen. Thank you from a broke but proud father of three!

  • David Williamson

    If I were to win an iPhone 3Gs, I would give it to my wife so that she could use Google Maps and the magnometer to know where she is- no more phone calls from her crying “Where the hell am I?!?!” when she ended up going the wrong direction on the outerbelt and ended up on the other side of town. She’s only lived here her whole life!

    Thank you IntoMobile for saving my sanity!

  • sjhong

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS because I’m your best looking reader.

  • Brian A

    I deserve an iphone 3gs because im a broke college student

  • Mano

    I deserve an iphone 3GS because its a revelation in the mobile industry as intomobile is a revelation in the blogosphere. Owning an iphone and participating in intomobile community is a perfect way to lead a professional life.

  • Gina V.

    So Zach Morris called me the other day and wanted his cell phone back. I need the cool new iPhone so I can get rid of my huge bulky cell phone! woohoo!

  • leo toro

    i deserve a 3gs because my friends will think i’m a loser if i only have a 3g.

  • Jeff

    I want this amazing Phone since i cant afford it…PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE?!!!!!

  • parth

    You are GOD to me, and GOD never disappoint their child….

    I need one because i can’t afford one as i am a student, and my mom is doing job at London airport to feed me in USA and my higher studies in DeVry University as a international student…

    One big reason is that I am alone here and need someone to spend time with. I Can’t afford girls(as i am a virgin, never had a girlfriend in my whole life), and I am 20 year old. So I need a gadget that can easily stay with me without spending money on it and giving more and more “APP” FUN….

    Just remember one thing you are GOD to me….even if you give me that price or NOT….you are still GOD to me…

  • mike

    I deserve one because I ate all my brocoli last night!

  • Lienster

    I would like to give my wife a new do-everything smartphone such as the iPhone to help with her hectic daily life of managing three young kids and babysitting a young niece for the Summer, and elder parents and uncles and aunt. She finally upgraded to the Samsung M500 (free flip phone) from her Motorola StarTac recently because the old phone was literally falling apart. (The back of the StarTac kept separating apart which cause the antenna stub to come loose and flex cables were protruding out). The iPhone would allow her to set and keep track of tasks and appointments such as eyes and ears doctor appointments for her 80 year old Mother and heart doctor for appointments the Father. The Google map in the iPhone would help my wife to locate the Social Security office when she pack up the kids to take the disable Uncle and Aunt to file paperwork. While on the go between doctor offices and kids’ schools and sports, the Google map would also help my wife find the grocery store locations phone numbers to check for the availability of milk, cereal, and eggs that are on sale. So to answer the question β€œWhy do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?”, it is because my wife can really really use one to say the least.

    Thank you.

  • Erik

    Well, that was certainly pithy.

  • Joanne

    I deserve the new iphone 3g S because I’m a recent college graduate looking to expand my horizons and need to stay connected in style. Besides college left me in financial debt!

  • patrick

    I’ve been a iphone user since 2007. please choose me!!!

  • Walt Merrick

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3GS because I’m a paramedic, and I have an old dumb cell phone and even dumber PDA, and between the two of them I can’t install drug databases, patient care reports, and emergency numbers I need to help keep my patients alive. I’v been researching smartphones since last Oct when I returned from Iraq, and the iPhone 3GS would fulfill all of my needs.

  • Dr Rahul Dhawan

    Dearest INTOMOBILE,
    I am in $264,000 in debt to our U.S. Government for educational loans, and now, I am working for the County of Los Angeles’ Largest hospital, LAC+USC, earning pennies per dollar based on the number of hours i will be working this year (approximately 100/week).

    I humbly request you select me to win this iPhone so I can search for the latest medical updates to help the poor, impoverished people of the Great City of Los Angeles. I understand the uninsured present a burden for our health care system, but I chose this hospital to do Internal Medicine in order to get the best training experience and help those who are truly in need.

    Every patient is someone’s brother, father, mother, or sister. I believe I should give the best quality of health care for each person, and having the new iPod with Epocrates, Medscape, and Google to search at all hours of the day will help me on my 36 hour call days, which will be every 4th day.

    Multiple times, I have been able to look up medications people bring from foreign countries, including but not limited to Japan, China, India, and especially Mexico. I’ve been able to help other physicians decipher what drug a patient from a foreign country is allergic to. At the same time, I’ve spread the word on Intomobile to every person I encounter who is even slightly interested in cell phones.

    Thank you for your continuing support of those interested in mobile products who want a quick and simple answer and updates on the future. I’ve been an IntoMobile subscriber since you had 200 subscribers. I’ve waited in the same line as Will Park for the first iPhone, which I had to sell, because I couldnt afford it.

    Intomobile is truly the best mobile infomation center on the web. I rely on it daily for updates and couldn’t ask for a better site. It is dedicated to those who truly enjoy cell phones and caters to those with less experience with mobile devices as well as to the technologically savy. In many ways, I consider myself a part of Intomobile, and looking back, I AM PART OF INTOMOBILE BOULEVARD. πŸ™‚


  • Keeley

    I don’t deserve to win an iPhone in truth, but would absolutely love to win one anyway! I have no tragic story about how miserable my experience has been with a current iPhone model, or how my computer programming or app production company depends on this win for survival. The simple truth is that I would use this iPhone to better society. By owning iPhone I would have access to thousands of apps that have to be programmed and updated by dozens of computer programmers. These apps would be purchased through iTunes which also supports the music and media industries. The apps, music and movies I would purchase would drive an important sector of the economy that would (given several decades) lift the country out of recession. In addition, having a new phone would just plain make me happy. Which in turn would make my interactions with other people more pleasant, and this would have a ripple effect on the nation (I’m sure), creating peace and harmony (sure…). So, it’s not so much that I deserve to win, as it is a moral imperative that I win (am I really this full of myself?). That, and I’ve never won anything in my life…

  • NOUR

    I deserve an iPhone3G S because I refuse to buy a fake one.

  • Aakash

    I’ve been using a non AT&T and non 3G phone for a long time now and really (REALLY) deserve a faster, better change.

  • Christopher

    an iphone 3gs would be of great utility for me as a medical student as there are many diagnostic and medical reference programs available for the iphone platform. thus, if i win the iphone gift card, the iphone will not only be of benefit to myself, but also to all the patients that i would be interacting with.

  • annalene

    simply put, i’m a young lady who has NEVER owned a cell phone… and i probably should have one for emergencies when i’m out at night and such… and i feel like i probably shouldn’t have announced this bit of information to the world!

  • Alvis Lee

    I deserve to win this new iphone because i just graduated high school and will need this iphone to help me navigate my way around college, also the internet will help me study on the go.

  • Joe Marrone

    I deserve an iphone 3gS because i read intomobile every day like its my bible. I tell other people i know about intomobile… I follow everything you do on here. I make sure i read every post and if i dont then i go absolutely crazy!! I just broke my phone so now i cant read intomobile on my phone because im using a regular flip phone and texting is awful….Especially since i text around 60-70 thousand texts a month!!!

    So please intomobile PIMP MY PHONE!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    I lost my Iphone on a cruise and now I am having withdrawls!!!

  • Eric Chilton

    I deserve to win an iphone so I can video blog for your site from all over the country. Social networking is the coolest thing since Twitter…wait, that IS social networking. Damn…let me work on this and get back to you. Until then…consider me for the 3g!!!!

  • gene goodman

    because it would be cool.

  • eonicman

    I would love to have an iPhone 3G S so that I can finally get rid of my Palm Tungsten T5 and my Motorola Qh whose keys on the right side as well as the 0 key are not working. Also, it would help me to learn how to program software for the platform. The last major program I wrote was back in the days on the Timex Sinclair 2068 – Chromatech. I’d love to have the joy of creating some worthy software again.

  • satheesh

    I would like to use a complete mobile phone

  • Anthony Santi

    While I have done nothing to deserve an iPhone 3g S… I would surely like to have one to replace the first iPhone (2g i guess) that got stolen from my dorm room.

    I wish everyone luck πŸ™‚


  • Cousett

    I deserve to have a new iPhone so that both my brother and I can have the new iPhone!

  • traydragen

    I don’t really deserve one…..but it would be nice to have.

  • Justin

    My lovely 3-year-old daughter was helping me one busy day by “cleaning” my iPhone (1st gen, 4GB). She scrubbed it thoroughly with Bath & Body Works Lime Verbena anti-bacterial hand soap, and rinsed well under warm water in the bathroom sink. No amount of disassembling and drying could save it.

    But it smelled great.

    Winning an iPhone 3G S would dispel the haunting memories of that day every time I say “yes, you’re my favorite daughter.”

  • TerryC

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I carry too many electronic gadgets around with me. My pockets are full of: the Apple Newton, the Motorola T900 2 way pager, a yellow Kenwood FRS radio, and the great DynaTAC 8000 cellphone. I carry around the Compaq Portable III computer.

    I think it’s time to upgrade all!

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!


  • Gabriel

    I need an iphone 3GS because I was forced to buy a windows mobile phone for work and now I can’t renew my contract w/o spending $600 on a new iphone! That and my girl friend has had both iphones, and I have not had one!

  • Abdulmalik Abdulrahman Wells

    β€œWhy do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?”
    I deserve to win an Iphone 3G S because life has been a real struggle for me the past year. I am a technology enthusiast; but a year a go I was diagnosed with a muscular disease. It has slowed me down a bit. I have been out of work since January and I am facing foreclosure and moving tomorrow from my 7 year “owned” home. I need a break…(Hopefully I will finally get back to working next week), but until that time, an Iphone 3G S would definitely bring a smile to my face.


  • sandra green

    I deserve to win and I am begging because I NEED the picture messaging and since I’m a photographer the new camera and video feature would be great…besides all that, I’m broke!

  • Boris

    I deserve the iPhone 3Gs becuase I was fired from my job at att mobility on “suspicioun” of fraud when I spent the last of my saving’s paying full price for my 16GB 3G.

  • Sean

    Because I am a great Dad and fathers day is this weekend. There is no way I can afford the upgrade price at this time so the only way I can get one is this. I love my current iphone but would love to upgrade so I could video my children and upload for distant relatives with ease. It would also have an added bonus of making my wife pretty jealous >:)

  • matt rose

    Without an iPhone, my life is totally disorganized. Please help me to be organized, for when my original dies (it’s only a matter of time), my life will slowly and oh so tormentingly fall apart. Please stave off the inevitable of my life falling apart a little longer by keeping it together with what is the awesomeness of the iPhone 3GS. Only this remarkable piece of technology will be able to bind the fragments of my disorganized and flighty lifestyle effectively enough for anyone to be able to recognize what it is. As a musician, I have very little means of income as gigs are hard to come by. I am however, very busy with school and work assignments, the likes of such, are a logistical nightmare. I’m lucky if I remember to eat lunch much less who I am supposed to accompany at what hour of the day. With an iPhone, I have found that scheduling, appointments, notes, and the endless uses of the apps store has managed to keep my life together. Unfortunately, my current iPhone was subjected to some water from a rainstorm. Since then, things have started to not work as well; dead spots in the screen, the buttons not working properly, random self restarting, etc. I can imagine that the end is near. Without it, I’ll be communication less and organization less. It is up to you,, to help my plight of a disorderly life by granting the gift of the iPhone 3GS. It is in your hands. God speed.

  • Nikhil Kalghatgi

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS to so I can give it to my tech un-savvy family to chat with me with confidence and ease.

  • Adam

    I deserve an Iphone 3Gs because I broke my Blackjack II and now use a (drumroll please) NOKIA 6085!!! Please IntoMobile bring me into the new century!!!

  • yancey

    This is great thing that you are doing keep up all the great work your doing and keep things new and exciting

  • Jean Marc

    I deserve it because i cannot afford it and i still use an ic902

  • Matt

    I deserve a 3G S because mine was dropped last month in the lake.

  • Ann Boland

    I’m a silver warrior in the mobile world – i.e. over 65. A Blackberry was the right choise to demo the mobile learning package I sell (Hot Lava) 18 months ago. Now I need the sex and speed, not to mention to ease of texting, that does not come with my 8830. The new iPhone but would be jazz in my hands and potential sales $ in my pocket. Keep in mind, boys and girls, 75 is the new 60!

  • JG

    I should get it ’cause my name is not Simon.

  • k**1

    I don’t know that anyone actually deserves to win an iphone, but I would really like to. It would make a great birthday and 28th wedding anniversary (yesterday) present for me!

  • Karie

    I deserve one because my husband will never let me use his.

  • Brandon N

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because I will be giving it to my mom who recently had her iPhone stolen! She’s using a terrible Go phone from Walmart right now because buying a brand new one is just too expensive.

  • Clif

    I don’t deserve the new iphone 3GS, but I can’t afford to buy one either. I have wanted one since it’s inception w/ the 1st gen iphone, but have had to settle w/ inferior phones. I would be exceptionally grateful to be one of the lucky two to be chosen for this gift. Thank you.

  • Dustin Fogle

    I think I deserve the Iphone 3GS because I’m still using the 2G iphone and would love the upgrade!

  • warren

    because i’m a winner! dammit!

  • Mike Garrett

    Why do you deserve to win an iPhone 3G S?

    I’ve been an avid mac fan for quite some time, but have never owned an iPhone.

  • Antonio M. Fernando

    I want a iphone3gs cause my sister always want one and her kids take her itouch and play games on it. She never it to use it cause both her son and daughter fight to see who can play games on it first.

  • Louise

    My husband has been visually impaired since the age of 5 and has limited vision. He let me get a $99 iPhone even though he lost his job about weeks ago. He likes my phone but we can’t afford to buy him one right now. If I got a free phone, we would both have one. He is a great guy and deserves one too.

  • veloracer

    I deserve an iPhone ’cause I have this awesome idea for a change-the-world app, but need an iphone to develop/test it on!

  • Gary Des Roches

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S just to prove to myself that my old Treo phone, which I won in a contest, can be replaced with a better phone in another contest.

  • Jonathan

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I have always been an over-achiever, but it seems as my hard work never pays off. I am currently trying to develop an iPhone app on a school-owned iMac, and I would love to have a phone that I could run and debug on. Plus it’s an all around cool phone!

  • BackAlley

    I think I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S, because that would be my first Apple device that I ever owned, but never could afford. Now unemployed, it’s no where in sight in my future to be able to get one. I’ve been mostly a BlackBerry and Windows Mobile user, and I don’t want to be an Apple iPhone virgin all of my life!

  • Steven Gin

    I deserve to win because i read will park’s tweets and posts everyday, he is the best blogger of new technology on the internet!

  • Avi

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS because I’m a good person, and sometimes the universe rewards that.

  • Brent

    I deserve one cause I’ve paid AT&T for one over and over again!

  • Chris

    I just want the phone. So give it to me now.

  • Sean

    I feel having a new iPhone 3gs would give me the ability to spend more time on the intomobility web site dreaming of my next new smartphone of the future.

  • Lynette

    I want the phone for a present for my son.

  • Mohammad D.

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because i have been using my first generation iPhone with a cracked viewing surface for more than a year. I’m a student, I cant afford to buy anything right now.

  • Marc Kharrat

    i deserve an iphone 3gs because i want to detach myself from my family plan at t-mobile.

  • Cassandra

    What is an iphone? I don’t even know what it is. My son says I will be cool if I get one!

  • GeneD

    Sure would be nice to have something new to play with.

  • DMH

    I will tweet for days if I win!

  • The king

    I won’t make up some lame excuse why I deserve it over others. Just hope I luck out.

  • Chris

    Does anyone really *deserve* to win a prize? I dunno, but I’d like to win that iPhone anyway!

  • Jenna Gonzalez

    As a primary windows mobile user, I devote all my time and energy into using, discussing, implementing, and promoting the use of windows mobile and all the devices that carry the operating system. I feel as though lately, I haven’t been completely fair with the assessment of other devices such as the iPhone. I would like one because I want to experience what it’s like not just to own one, but to have the opportunity to test and compare the operating system that comes with the worlds most famous phone. I feel that through that experience, I will be able to open my eyes more to better understanding what being intomobile is really all about πŸ™‚ ~Jenna

  • Dan Johnson

    I deserve an iPhone3G S because i have had my phone since Chrsitmas of 07 and have had many problems with my RIZR Z3. My charge plug has broken for half a year now so when i need a battery charge i need to put my battery in my brothers phone. My front buttons as the arrow keys have fallen off and my phone randomly turns off as i am using it. my parents will not spend over 50 dollars on a new phone for me and i would love an iPhone3G S.

  • Robert

    to develop some new and interesting applications above what i am doing now.

  • edward c.

    i deserve to win the phone because i have a miserable phone(nokia) and would like to experience something more updated!!! pleaaaseee!! i need 3g!

  • senatorstro

    Me because BATMAN says i deserve it…mine mine mine mine mine!!!!!

  • Jeffrey

    Because I need a birthday gift for my girlfriend and I can’t actually afford something like this.

  • Michaelsgirl

    I deserve to win because all my firends have one and I dont.

  • Al

    I deserve to win the iPhone 3G S because I’m still using a Sony Ericsson P990 and it won’t synch to my Mac and is the size of a small brick! I’ll send you the brick for destructive testing.

  • Francisco

    I would be able to follow intomobile on twitter via an iPhone 3GS! πŸ™‚

  • terry

    i deserve to win due to i have been obsessing over iphone for last 2 yrs since original came out and know basically everything there is to possibly know about the iphone(total tech junkie) but due to getting married this fall can’t get ’til at least next fall and could definitely use while on my honeymoon to find my way around the city we’ll be staying in

  • crystal nezgoda

    I deserve to win an iphone 3gs because … well I don’t know if I deserve to win, I don’t think anyone really deserves to win, but I can tell you way I want to to win. I love music, art, being in the know, photography, games and everything else you have at your finger tips with the iphone 3gs. And it would go really well with my summer wardrobe ha ha ha

  • BrianB

    I deserve an iPhone 3GS because I cannot take off work or have the $$ to get one. Everyone looks to me to have the latest and greatest gadgets but I simply can’t afford it this go around. Let’s not let everyone down…PLEASE PICK ME!

  • Brian Bohlman

    I have thumb cancer from typing on a physical keyboard. My only hope of survival is to get an iPhone 3GS with virtual keyboard. This is my dying wish!

  • Sean Dimitropolis

    I believe i deserve a iphone 3g s because at the end of the day tomorrow i will be serving loyal att customers and apple for more than 12 hours watching the joy when i hand every iphone 3g s supporter there new phone. But being a employee i am forced to wait at least 2 months before i buy one as customers deserve theres first says upper management nothing would make me happier than to wake up to one of my own. After all i am a slave to the corporation. Please let me joyed by such a great product for myself

  • karson chandler

    i deserve to win the iphone 3g s because I was a proud iphone owner since the 1st generation was released but because of apple’s tight leash on the iphone once my 1st generation one broke it was hard for me to get my hands on any other iphone since with all the ridiculous prices people are asking on craigslist. So I deserve to win so that I can continue enjoying the apple iphone.

  • Nikki

    I like my G1 but I still wanna play with the iPhone. I should win cuz its my birthday soon.

  • ksol

    I believe…… I deserve an iphone such as…. the maps… such as compass and the video! In places like Canada, the world, america, I need an iphone!

  • Henry Gardiner

    …hi? Is this better?

  • john zanatta

    i am a die-hard windows mobile user and wouldn’t buy an iphone on my own. i don’t own an ipod. winning your contest is about the only way to convert me to an appe user. i beieve i should win just to spite my own lack of use of iproducts.

  • james camoras

    Need one thanks

  • kristina madison

    Because I never win anything, and I deserve too.

  • Mario

    I deserve an iPhone 3G S because I LOVE apple and my contrant end next year I am APPLE FAN but it too expesive to get one please give me one please please. Now I have a old Sony Ericsson THANK YOU INTOMOBILE.

  • Mike Mihaylov

    Though I love Nokia, I wouldn’t mind having a 3G S to play around with. Thakns

  • jsandor

    I deserve an iphone because I’ve never won a contest in my LIFE.

  • ChrisAckerman

    Because the iPhone is simply the best phone available, and I have been waiting for a great phone to carry around!

  • Jeremy

    I’d like to have one. I’m a big fan of Apple technology.

  • rubin

    I deserve to win the 3g because fathers day is coming up and I’m a single father raising a 15 month old and a 4 month old. I’m also a disabled veteran that served in the air force for 5 years. after all the expenses raising 2 children entails I cannot afford to buy a new phone and I’m still using a razr

  • cindy

    I deserve a Iphone… 20th birthday is coming up and all I want is a new phone….my family can’t afford to give me one because of the economy…please it will mean the world to me. ….

  • Sean Mc.

    I can’t really say I deserve A IPhone 3GS, but I would love to own one because I really like apple products but the are really out my price range. I generally buy or get the free phones when my phones breaks and or my contract is up. I never had a top shelf phone.

  • Sergio R

    Would like an Iphone 3Gs….go for it!

  • kristen elliott

    I should get the new I phone because my family has been going through a hard time in our lives. I just graduated from high school and might be moving half way across the counrty and this would be a good way for me to talk to my parents and I could sent them little videos so that they can see how I’m doing! And most importand I can’t buy one on my own.

  • belgedoc

    I should win an iphone3 gs so I can place it on top of my apple II gs personally signed by Woz. Technology does move along, doesn’t it?

  • Marie

    I would love to give my daughter a new phone because right now she is using her sidekick slide that is all beat up because she lost it in a mosh pit at a concert her friends took her to. It would be a great birthday present for her and she is my whole world!

  • memphis26

    I deserve to win an iPhone 3G S because it is the perfect way to conclude a week where I split with my fiance and joined the growing unemployed American population of this “wonderful” economic climate.

  • Rohit Patil

    I love the technology and aesthetics combination made by apple. They always do. As you all know “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”, i say “Using Apple’s iPhone everyday makes friends (including ur doctor) closer day by day”.

    I would feel privileged if i get to try one πŸ™‚

  • John Gregorio

    Pick me as your iPhone 3G S winner. I am currently learning C/C++ and will soon be a developer. I’m also willing to tweet my experiences with the 3G S! I am very outgoing and plan on making tutorials, guides, and all that good stuff.

  • Nani

    I want to give it to my sister, she deserves a phone, and a nice one at that. Mother of 4, and a great mother at that, I admire her. Thanks for hearin me out!

  • juan pena

    Well I deserve an iphone because I never had one and don’t know how it feels like to hold an iphone in my hands and I will realy like to own one. I need it for college because I’m a recent graduate from highschool and will like to have one with me.

  • Andre

    I deserve an iphone 3G because the phone that I have now is broken and RANDOMLY dials numbers when I am on the phone with clients… ANNOYING…AHHHH:-(

  • David

    I deserve to win an iPhone because my wife has been bugging me for one. I love my Blackberry, but love my wife more. Got to please the wife πŸ™‚

  • brie

    I won’t say I “deserve” a free Iphone 3g, I believe anything deserved is worked for..but I will say that I would be very lucky to win one. I have a lot of down time because I suffer from a cripling heart ailment. I spend a lot of time resting in bed..which ofcourse is depressing at such a young age. If I won this Iphone, I believe it would take my mind of feeling trapped in bed with nothing to do. It would definately keep my mind and fingers busy..instead of me asking god “why me?” Thanks for considering me in this contest.

  • joshhome

    I want an iPhone so I can give to my poor friend that is rocking a First Gen still and get me a cool Android phone comming out. I love my Touch Pro but windows is heavy. And I LOVE GOOGLE!!!!

  • ehsan
  • phastone

    Here’s my pitch to win the 3GS. I need to upgrade my original iPhone, it’s showing its age with deadpixels.

    Wish me luck!!!

  • Siham Fayez

    I deserve an I-phone 3G S because as well as Apple has totally changed my life for better I also need to get updated along

  • Jose Perea

    Well intomobile my girlfriends birthday is next week and she really wants an iphone. My girlfriend is a good girl I think she deserves that and more so please that iphone would be nice or the giftcard wouldn’t be bad either.

  • shaunelle

    I just really want to win this phone.

  • Med intern

    I am starting my new job as a medicine intern and need it to help save lives!

  • Bijan

    I think I deserve the iPhone 3G S because I’ve been a loyal (and exclusive) follower of for years. By winning the contest I pledge to 1. Take absolute care of my phone and not subject it to horrifying ‘crash tests’; 2. Honor the generosity of IntoMobile by posting all over the blog-o-forum-o-sphere about said generosity; and 3. Bow graciously to the IntoMobile overlords.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  • d.terry panton

    After my learning disabled son moved up one whole letter grade this school year, in his worse course, I believe an iPhone on the last day of school would help facilitate his need to read more. Not to mention, the iphone with it many apps and ability to access his extra-curricular english lessons online, helps
    His over-worked and under-paid mom in establishing a quality learning environment on the fly. I can think of no better motivational and inspirational tool for todays info thirsty children than an iPhone. Thx~terry

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