The iPhone 3G S high-frequency hearing test

iphone-3g-apple-logo-screen-of-deathFor all the new bells and whistles packed into the new iPhone 3G S, we had no idea it featured an integrated high-frequency hearing test! No, we’re not kidding. Our iPhone 3G S has been testing our hearing acuity every time it plays a sound file, and yours probably is as well. Okay, we’re kind of kidding.

It would be great if the high-frequency tones being emitted after most system sounds (lock, unlock, new mail, etc.) were intended. But, as Phone Arena notes, it’s more likely a software problem that is “plaguing” many an iPhone 3G S out there. For the moment, there’s no fix, but that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t cooking up an update/patch post-haste!

If you’re interested in testing your iPhone 3G S for the high-frequency tone bug, just go to a quiet room and turn the phone off, or swipe to unlock (just make it play a system sound). If you hear a 15kHz tone buzzing immediately following the system sound, your iPhone 3G S is affected. If not, your iPhone 3GS is bug-free. That, or you’ve lost the ability to hear frequencies at and above 15kHz – which is unfortunately much more likely.

So, iPhone 3G S owners. Can you still hear tones at around 15,000 Hz?

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • noname

    If you are above 30, you will not hear anything above 15 KHz with >90 % propability. So maybe it is just a filter for kids 😉

  • Russell

    I had this problem to and I booked a G-Bar appointment to see if it was just me or the phone and i guess because it was so noisy that he Genius couldn’t hear it. But I’m glad to hear its just a software problem and not hardware… I did change the text ring to the glass and i didn’t have the same problems as i did with Tri-tone.

  • Jason

    Does the sound only happen the first time an iPhone is making a sound after a length of time not making any sounds? Is it only on the unlock screen? Because then it could be hardware, like when my macbook makes a noise after it makes the first sound when it has come out of sleep mode.

    Can someone test if it will occur on numerous sounds occurring right after each other without the phone going into a sleep-type mode?

  • jazzboyrules

    Yup, it happens to me in my 3GS too!! I could hear that while locking, but not while unlocking. I discovered that after enabling sound in Tweetdeck.

  • Neo

    Having very sensitive hearing, this is extremely loud and annoying. It also turns on while recording video. I hope they create a patch for this – it’s bad enough having to hear a buzz 24/7.

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