Cellphone ringtone as breast enhancer

Mobile phones can do a lot of cool things these days. Email, internet, boarding passes, electronic wallets… the list of things we can use our handsets for these goes on and on. Who knew that list included the capability to increase female breast size? A cellphone ringtone can apparently be used to increase a woman’s bust size, just by listening to the ringtone a couple dozen times a day!

No, it’s no joke. The science behind the idea could stand a bit more hashing out, but Japanese “subliminal master” Hideto Tomabechi claims the ringtone should trick the brain enough to enhance breast size in females. At least that what he claimed back in 2004 when this story first ran. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

The “trick” with the ringtone is that it gets interpreted by the brain (or so Tomabechi claims) as the sound of a baby crying. The brain has the power to change body chemistry and whatnot, and when the brain hears a baby crying 20 times a day for 10 days, it should signal that certain of a female’s anatomy to grow bigger.

I really hope Tomabechi isn’t planning to make a ringtone for men!

Want to give the ringtone a try? Here’s an MP3 for you.

[Via: TheDailyDiary]

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