Google Chrome OS Screenshots Emerge


I’ve heard much mixed reaction surrounding Google’s new venture into the personal computing market with Chrome OS. Me, I’m still kind of torn on the idea. Keeping my opinions on the matter to myself (at least for now), some so-called ‘spy shots’ of Google Chrome OS running in full-force have emerged via engadget.

The tipster over at engadget also noted that most apps running via Chrome run online… with only Picasa running locally for photo and movie viewing. Also, a ‘system’ tab displays contents of SD cards and digital cameras.

Use your judgement as to whether these are real or ‘fakies’. It’s pretty easy to fake this stuff. In fact, let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Jeren

    It could be fake, but I won’t judge at this point. I’ll wait for official images to surface before I make up my mind on Chrome OS.

  • John

    My instincts tell me this is fake. I dont think that chrome OS is going to completely abandon the standard icon/desktop system for an OS that looks more like a basic application. I am more expecting chrome OS applications to behave like windows applications to the average user, but be ran on servers and written with canvas/js/server side code. I doubt that google would make an interface without the standard customization features these images seem to leave out (ie, desktop/wallpaper/colors). But realy this is all speculation. There is no telling what google has in store for us.Like Jeren said, i will not beable to judge chrome OS till something official has been released.

  • mk1311

    i really doubt Google would make it look that simple even for an alpha. this is definitely fake.

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