Apple support docs blame jailbreak for Visual Voicemail failure

The iPhone Visual Voicemail problems are apparently the fault of iPhone customers. Apple has posted a support document that blames the Visual Voicemail bugs on the iPhone jailbreak. Apple is calling the jailbreak an “unauthorized modification to the iPhone OS” (which it most definitely is), but says that jailbroken iPhones will see disruption of services:

“such as Visual Voicemail, YouTube, Weather, and Stocks have been disrupted or no longer work on the device.”

Perhaps the Visual Voicemail problem wasn’t AT&T’s fault, after all.

But, Apple doesn’t just stop at Visual Voicemail. The iPhone jailbreak is being blamed for iPhone instability, unreliable voice and data services, compromised security, shortened battery life and even preventing future iPhone OS updates.

Apple is really pushing to keep the iPhone protected under the DMCA. Whether or not this just-posted support doc helps their case, that’s another matter altogether.

Apple iPhone jailbreak support doc

  • Egypt

    Aye lowkey, i think Apple may be right. My sister’s husband jailbroke his iphone and immediately could not use YouTube. Idecided not to do mine of course and everything works still. there is no visual voicemail problem at all. My other friend jailbroke his itouch and it turned into a temporary paper weight. luckily he was able to reset it after over 30 attempts.

  • milan

    i’m curious who else has been recieving other peoples voicemails like i have. so far i’ve gotten 7 voicemails from all over the US intended for other people and no, my iphone isn’t jailbroken.

  • Patrick

    That’s funny, I’ve never jailbroken my iPhone and my visual voicemail still isn’t working! WTF!?!

  • Babbette

    This is such a bunch of Cr$% ! My phone has never been jailbroken, it is a work phone and even after spending 2 hours (yes that was 2 HOURS) with AT&T tech support , this is day two and still my voice mail doesn’t work. First it suddenly started vibrating for a straight few minutes and it wouldnt et me turn it off. Then, it started asking my for a password for my voicemail so I called AT&T because I never set a password for it thus I could not get into my voicemail. After holding forever and a lengthy security id check they reset the password, lost all my messages, and still it keeps asking me for a password every time I try to see my messages and there seems to be no way to turn that lovely little drag of a thing off. Oh, but it gets better…. I don’t even GET any messages any more because when people call my phone they get a message saying my voice mail has never been set up!!!! The one that I had been using for over a year with no problems until this. After another hour and a half with tech support it finally was reset (still asking for the damn password), and they rest set the whole mail box which worked for a couple of hours and then this afternoon it stopped taking messages again. I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can call again and waste another 2 hrs of my life, not to mention missing god knows how many sales calls. This totally sucks and bites and the fact that they’re blaming it on jailbroken phones really licks. I wouldn’t know how to jailbreak my phone if it had the cure to every disease in it. The AT&T tech said that 90% of their calls the past 2 days (and huge wait times) were from people with iphones that suddenly just sh$# the bed for no apparent reason. Sorry if this seems negative but… Dayam! The LEAST they can do is fess up.

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