Shamrock Games’ Force Recon brings back the World War II… on the iPhone

Force Recon

A company called Shamrock Games has/is preparing to release(d) a new game to the Apple AppStore. It’s called Force Recon and it sees you controlling a small elite troop of Allies which has been sent over the front line to breach the enemy resistance.

In their words:

Foray through the deserts of Africa, fight against the enemy in the narrow alleys of European cities and find and destroy a secret missile base in the Palatinate Forest.

Force Recon prides itself with solid graphics, in-game movies and “unique animations of weapon discharging and explosions.” You can control one of the 3 main characters in 17 missions and 3 campaigns through North Africa and Europe…

And that’s about it. A short demo clip follows after the jump and the game should be in the AppStore soon (if it’s already not there, though I couldn’t find it).

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