HTC Hero hitting Sprint on October 11th?

HTC Hero hitting Sprint on October 11th?

A “senior member” on the xda-developers forums has posted the image above “proving” HTC’s latest Android-powered smartphone is on its way to a U.S. carrier. Of course, we see such claims on a daily basis, so why should we trust it? Well, mentioned forum member says he works for a wireless developer company, which got a contract to develop wallpapers, ring tones and apps to sell in their market place. As a matter of fact, he talked about HTC Hero hitting a U.S. carrier back in April, though that doesn’t give him much credibility.

Engadget, however, thinks there’s some merit in this story and they believe (and prove in their post) that carrier will be Sprint. My thinking is that Sprint’s Palm Pre exclusivity won’t last forever and they’ll need to spice-up their portfolio with other cool phones. An Android phone is one thing many people want these days, so it makes good business sense to go that way. On the other hand, there’s Samsung, Motorola and some other Android handset makers which would be delighted to see their products in Sprint’s offering. We’ll certainly watch closely where this goes…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • chris

    oh my. this is THE phone. everyone talks about touch pro this omnia 2 that (well i do this too, since i will be in the market for an upgrade at end of year). but watch the vid on this phone, it is awesome. if sprint, then verizon? oh my.

  • Sprint Dude

    hell yea…ive been on sprint and couldnt wait to get out of my contract with them, because their phone sucks! but WAIT…HERO on sprint? wow this would make me stay with sprint…just cant wait till october 11th. Hopefully this goes through.

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