Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams’ Wife Tweets to the World While in Labor

twitter-iconSo lets say you’re the wife of Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams… you’re pregnant, and pretty much ready to deliver. When you start to go into labor, what’s your first move!? Well, you Tweet about it of course!

Dear Twitter, My water broke. It wasn’t like Charlotte in Sex and the City. Now, timing contractions on an iPhone app. about 6 hours ago from txt

That’s right, Evan’s wife Sara was/is Tweeting her way through labour, that is, until the pain gets to be too much. You can follow her @Sara for more details. Turns out she was also using a Contraction Tracker app (iTunes link) on her iPhone until things got to be a bit much.

Not sure if the baby has arrived yet, but a big congratulations to Evan and Sara!

[Via: Textually]

  • Uh huh

    In more IMPORTANT news, I pooted in front of the fan set up near my bed so my other half would be inundated with my intermittent butt aroma

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