AT&T and Apple Sued over Lack of MMS on iPhone 3GS

Remember back at the iPhone 3GS launch when they were talking about how AT&T would provide MMS service eventually, later this summer? Well, we’re halfway through August and there’s still no sign of MMS in the U.S. on Apple’s latest smartphones, and some folks in Louisiana are mighty peeved about it – so much so that they’ve launched a class action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T for false advertising. Right on. According to the filings, AT&T never upgraded their network to support MMS – it almost sounds like Apple included the feature in OS 3.0 just to make AT&T look bad for not having it. At least 10,000 people are taking part in the lynch mob lawsuit, and we’ll be certain to keep an ear out for the results.

[via TG Daily]

  • Lowey

    How can AT&T be sued over Apples promises!!!

  • Don

    I think it should be the other way around: “How can Apple be sued for AT&T…

    I have an unlocked iPHone that can receive MMS on the 3.0 software using t-mobile… SO the device does support MMS, not the carrier…

  • steve

    Hello this is Steve Jobs

    I want to let all you know. MMS will come out in October 2017.
    stop complaining.

  • you are dumb

    Lowey, AT&T is being sued because they didn’t provide a service in a timely fashion. Apple simply relayed the message from AT&T and enabled the feature on the phone. Reread the post.

  • chris

    ok… doesnt make sense. att has mms smart ones. every phone i know accept the iphone can send mms messages like thats bs that has to obviously be something messed up with the phone

    and everyone says att network sucks compare it to any
    other network besides verizon
    sorry att takes the cake
    verizon has its reasons for being bad wont discuss that here

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