Video: New T-Mobile myTouch commercial taps America’s obsession with celebrities

I never fully understood why the American people love celebrities so much. They’re people just like me and you. They have problems, they eat food, they take their pants off in the morning and take a stinky dump. This didn’t stop T-Mobile USA from asking paying Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson and Jessie James to do nothing but pick up a mobile phone, look at it intensely while inside they ponder when they’ll be able to do their next line of coke, and then tell people to go to the T-Mobile website. Call me a cynic, but this type of shit doesn’t sell commercials. The best commercial, for a mobile phone at least, has to be the Apple iPhone “There’s an app for that” series. If you’re interested in the myTouch, or HTC Magic as it is known around the rest of the world, be sure to read Simon’s review of the device.

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • James Falconer

    If there’s one thing we can conclude from this… it’s that Phil Jackson has the biggest shoulders of any living human being. He’s right up there with Larry King.

  • Danny

    I like this commercial. T-Mobile has done well with this whether we agree or disagree with the celeb endorsements.

    It showcases their product, showcases their brand and gives the user an appreciation for total customization.

  • katey

    Dude. I had no idea how tall Phil Jackson is. Especially because if you go to T-Mobile’s website, they have actually shrunk him to be as tall as Whoopi Goldberg and Jesse James. Awful.

  • Mandy

    Who sings this song and whats the name to it? I cant figure it out and its driving me crazy.

  • Jessica

    The song is by Cat Stevens…he goes by Yusaf now.

  • Smarty

    I think Danny works for tmobile.

    The commerical is pretty boring. The music and background is right out of an Apple commerical – except that the iPhone and it’s apps sell themselves. The Apple spots give you more info about the phone. The celebs are not that interesting. Whoopi, Phil Jackson, Jesse James? Really not that cool. If you want to see them get even more uncool … look at the tMobile website where they explain how they use their phones. Phil Jackson likes to take pictures of his hotel rooms. Jesse James … well, based on his interview, I don’t think he actually owns or uses one.

    I also noticed that on the website there are about 60 apps available for the phone.

    Watch for the commercial with the Saturday Night Live Alumni – same concept…not funny or interesting. They put them in the same scenario as the previously uninteresting c-list celebs. With SNL’ers you could have come up with something funny or interesting.

    tmobile – you dropped the ball on this one. Alot of money for celebrity endorsements and I still don’t know anything about your phone… nor do I care to find out. From what I’ve gathered so far… Apple has done everything better from the phone to it’s advertising message.

    • Josh

      @Smarty While we’re at it, I’d like to see iPhone download a file over 10 MB on 3G. Also, beat a $24.99 plan for data+400txt. Easily replace a battery? Upgrade storage capacity? Autofocus the camera? Run a chat app while checking gas prices? To update your lack of Google skills, there’s over 10,000 Android apps of which I’ve tried upwards of 50, and written 2 of my own. iPhone will isolate itself out of the market. I like the iPhone, but I like being able to do what I choose, on a form factor I choose, on a network I choose, more than being a tool. So if you want to be free, be free! *cue commercial*

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