Samsung S5230 Star sales surpass 5 million units!

Samsung S5230 Star

With all the different versions of the device, Samsung is well on its way to reach its milestone to sell 10 million units of its all-touchscreen S5230 Star feature phone, which is also known as Tocco Lite in the UK. Announced alongside the more powerful 5600 model, the Star is an affordable handset which lacks 3G, but packs a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen and the Korean giant’s easy-to-use TouchWIZ interface. In that sense, we’re not surprised at all to see them moving these babies “at rocket speed” as they say it in the press release.

Here are some sale figures from the last few months:

  • May – more than 700,000 S5230 units sold
  • June – 900,000
  • July – 1.6 million
  • August – 1.8 million

Will they reach the 10 million units sold milestone? Most likely YES!

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