HTC Concept Store opens its doors in Philippines


HTC’s making another push into the retail space with the opening of its newest HTC Concept Store. The new store in Quezon City, Philippines follows in the steps of HTC’s Customer Service Center in Malaysia, which opened last year. The stores serve as retail locations, warranty repair centers and product demos to HTC fans lucky enough to live nearby.

“Currently we see a growth in the consumer segment and in order for us to enhance our reach to our end users, it‚Äôs vital for us to roll out in the retail market as well,” said HTC Country Manager Mark Dewey Sergio. The new HTC Concept Store in Quezon City offers repairs on HTC hardware, with 2-day turn-around guarantees for most repairs. Customers will even be given a loaner phone during the repair process. The store also offers demonstrations of the TouchFLO 3D UI on large touchscreen displays.

From the look and sound of it, it’s all very Apple-esque. But, then again, that might be a good thing.

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • Vince

    Too bad we’ll never likely see anything like this in the States given the carriers’ gatekeeping role.

    • Carl

      I’m pretty sure Nokia have some branded stores in the US.

  • dino bunagan

    it wasnt mentioned where in quezon city is the new htc store

    • r3v

      i think its in SM North Annex

    • marites de asis

      where is the htc store in q.c.?

  • rachel

    hey where can I find this HTC center?

    • Jessie M. Condes

      Its in Annapolis Greenhills as they mentioned in their service repair center. About to visit as well.

  • joseph reyes

    what’s the contact details of htc concept store?

  • willmar

    There’s no mention of the HTC store location.

  • melvin

    hi.. is HTC Desire available for sale in that store? how can i reach that branch/store?

  • daniboi

    4/f cyberzone sm annex….

  • njaymaldito

    I hope Blackberry will have it's own store as well.

  • cksc

    do you have their store number where i can call to inquire? thanks!

  • David

    don't buy phone from this store (HTC SM North annex) , my Girlfriend and I just bought an HTC diamond and touch pro in that store and after less than a week it broken down. we went there to have it replaced and they've agreed to replaced it but to my shocked they are replacing it with a used phone. so know the question is are they really selling a brand new HTC or not, why they do have used phones in their stocks. ūüôĀ

    • nix

      really? they dont sell bnew phones????

    • Jm

      are they only replacing the sold item from their store?

  • erika

    can i have details of HTC center? where can i find it?

  • Amir_parvaz2242

    where is the adress of htc branches in philipin? my cellphon is broken i need ripar it.

  • Giacarmel Igsolo

    my htc t-mobile is not functioning, i dont know why, i cant open it. is there a possibility that it could be repair?where in the philippineshtc outlet i can ask for help for a repair of this cellphone?

  • Giacarmel Igsolo

    where is htc t-mobile center located in philippines? i badly need it, i want my cellphone to be repair

    • Bitter_blend

      sm annex north edsa 4th floor.

  • Bulataoh

    they have a accessories?

  • Bulataoh

    they have a accessories?

  • Asolis224

    My goodness i just bought my HTC desire two weeks ago and the headset is not functioning anymore! The dealer where I bought it from here in Cebu said that they cannot replace it since it is way more than 7 days and the only recourse is have it sent to Manila since there in no service center here in Cebu!. What a PISS!

  • Pajdguzman

    my headset is not functioning, may i know where’s the branch of htc here i the¬†Philippines?¬†

    • Km

      me too im looking for HTC service center here in the phill. my phone htc¬†brought from US its not working here in philipines. some says …open LINE is in need.

  • zaglo

    do you have flex for htc herm 200? coz, my phone is not working anymore… they said they need to change the flex but no parts available here

  • Collins_100777

    Where is HTC service center located in QC??? anyone pls tell me.tnx

    • Simple


      SiSPH Technologies, Inc.
      Suite 3003, 30th flr. Atlanta Center,
      31 Annapolis St., Greenhills,
      San Juan, Metro Manila, Phil. 1502

      +632 7283388

      +632 7283333

      Opening hours:
      1.Service date: Monday to Friday (not included public holiday) 2.Service hour: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

  • Heyheyvibar

    Where in QC??

  • Taruc_ariel

    where is the nearest branch of HTC innovation in PAMPANGA PLZ TELL ME I WANT TO SELL MY PHONE OR ELSE I WANT TO SWAP IT>>

  • Donkingmanlegro

     Good day HTC! Bought your HTC SENSATION XE BEATS, December 15, 2011. I downloaded a application DEAD PIXEL TESTER and used it. Then I saw a dead pixel. I went to the cell phone shop where I bought it to replace it. While checking the new unit I realize that theres also a dead pixel. They told me that it might be deffective. I told them to inform me if theres a new unit going to be delivered the next day. Upon checking the new unit theres also a dea pixel! 3 units with dead pixel. Is that normal in HTC sensation xe?

  • ian

    please let me know the contact number of htc shop… i need it badly

  • mike

    is there an available part of my htc mytouch 3g slide and can possibly replace my dead flex ryt away if i wil go there? any idea?

  • Fishchuayamig

    is this service/repair store accommodate phones under warranty? pls advice thanks

  • jess leonard capistrano

    i need your complete address?….asap txt me in my mobile no. +639213178869 i really need to fix my htc phone plssss…tnx

  • Stardomingo

    where is in quezon city? because i need to buy htc accessories and charger. pls response. thanks. 

  • Queenietolentino19

    is HTC ChaCha faced out?!

  • where to buy HTC battery¬†BD26100 Battery – 35H00141-02M

  • where to buy HTC battery¬†BD26100 Battery – 35H00141-02M

  • leane

    i need to buy a new htc mytouch 4g battery? how much is it? i need it. thanks.

  • hervin

    my htc phone is not functioning..may I know were is the branch of htc here in the Philippines?

  • liejake

    saan po ba pwede makabili ng HTC mobile battery. kelangan lang po…

  • Antonio Ada Jr

    i need htc sensation 4g volume key.. meron ba kayo dyan..

    htcpedia forum member

  • steph

    hi? what’s the address of that HTC branch here in phil? pls

  • bry

    baterry po ng my touch 4g tmobile baka meron po?magkano 09231094784

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