Bluetooth headsets – The coolest mobile tech that no one uses

brad-pitt-wired-magazine-04On paper, Bluetooth headsets are all kinds of futuristic “cool.” With a little Bluetooth-connected earpiece, you can use your mobile phone without actually having to press a handset up against your face. These  headsets were once just figments of geeks’ imaginations, but now that they’re a reality, it seems no one is really using them. Now, a new report from Strategy Analytics indicates that usage of Bluetooth headsets is declining in the US.

Given the social stigma associated with wearing a Bluetooth headset in public, especially when you’re not on a phone call, we can’t say we’re surprised by the report’s findings.

According to Strategy Analytics, just 26% of Americans with Bluetooth headsets say they use it on the daily. Last year, 43% reported that they were daily Bluetooth users. What’s to account for the sudden, and massive, drop in Bluetooth headset usage? Apparently, Americans are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with how Bluetooth headset designs – satisfaction with headset styling has dropped 27 percentage points since 2008.

Again, we’re not surprised. When was the last time you saw someone wearing a Bluetooth headset in public and thought they looked “cool.” Heck, when was the last time you didn’t think “geek?” Wired magazine recently ran a story that urged people to not walk around with a headset plugged into their ears. The cover of that issue, plastered with a headshot  of Brad Pitt wearing a Motorola headset, warns its readers that “He can barely pull it off, and you’re not him.”

Are you brave enough to wear your Bluetooth headset in public?

[Via: I4U]

  • Josh

    Nah, never think “geek” when I see someone with a bluetooth headset. None of the geeks I know have them – it’s the tools, yes-men and shmucks that wear them.

  • Vince

    You’re equating a headset with a fashion statement? Seems misguided. Raise you hands if you’ve spent more on headsets than a phone. With bluetooth sets you generally get what you pay for. Poor comfort, sensitivity, and sound quality seem widespread. I think people reduce their use because it’s easier to go without and to reduce phone battery consumption.

    Away from the car there are few times one really needs to wear a headset. A noisy environment is one. When I’m in Manhattan, the traffic noise is such that a headset chirping in my ear lessens the chance of me missing a call.

    Finally, if there’s a word that comes to mind when seeing someone wearing bluetooth it’s not “geek” — it’s “a**hole”! There’s that segment who insist on wearing it ALL the time, including during social/professional interactions. I admit it; I’m old school and consider it rude. If you’re expecting a call, tell me, but take that thing out of your ear.

    Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to chase some kids off my lawn.

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