Juniper Research: NFC mobile payments to exceed $30 billion by 2012

Juniper Research - reportAccording to Juniper Research, the NFC technology will take off, after all. As a matter of fact, the research company argues that coupons and smart posters will support the growth of NFC mobile payment transaction values from $8 billion in 2009 to $30 billion within three years.

Some of the findings from the NFC research include:

  • First NFC devices will be shipped commercially later in 2009 and the market will ramp up from 2011;
  • NFC/Felica payments are already established in Japan but by 2014 North America and Western Europe will be experiencing high growth;
  • By 2012, NFC global gross transaction value will exceed $30 billion.

Juniper’s full report examines the opportunities available in both the mobile payments market and the mobile retail market (smart posters and coupons), as well as newly emerging interim solutions such as stickers & SD cards. More information is available from the research company’s website

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