BlackBerry 9700 Bold (Onyx) Meets Granddaddy 9000

Alejandro Salomon, the guy behind a lot of recent videos of the Storm 2, is now walking us through the upcoming BlackBerry 9700. A quick comparison with the original Bold shows some significant changes in size, a few tweaks to the operating system, and of course the difference between the trackball and trackpad. There’s still no sign of the new BlackBerry Messenger with OS 5.0, but the browser is apparently very speedy, and we’ll be seeing it in separate video soon. If you haven’t seen the Onyx before, the new Bold will have a leg-up on the new one in terms of an upgraded camera (3.2 megapixels) and expanded application memory (256 MB) on top of the obvious stylistic differences. Rumours place a launch sometime in November on T-Mobile, Rogers, and likely AT&T.

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  • ashu

    any day a 2.6 inch wider better bold for me

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