T-Mobile myTouch3G – Unboxing the coolest retail package ever!

Apple might be king of the hill when it comes to designing minimalist retail packages that exude sexiness, but Apple’s iPhone box isn’t exactly useful. T-Mobile’s myTouch3G retail box, on the other hand, is pure genius. The myTouch3G (aka HTC Magic) is a great Android phone in its own right, but for this unboxing video we’re concentrating on the awesomeness of the box.

On the surface, the paper box cover looks stylish enough. It sports the artsy look you’d expect for an Android smartphone aimed at the younger-and-hipper demographic – the cover art might even do well as a wallpaper. But, remove the box cover and you’ll find a textured semi-hard case that doubles as a retail box!

The T-Mobile myTouch3G comes packaged in the zipppered hard-case that should protect the Android smartphone from all physical assault. Open the case and you’ll find the myTouch3G, documentation, charger, USB data cable and wired stereo headset snug-fit in foam and elastic netting. In short, the myTouch3G retail packaging is just about the coolest, most innovative we’ve seen yet!

Enjoy the T-Mobile myTouch3G unboxing video below.

Unboxing the T-Mobile myTouch3G – Coolest retail package ever from IntoMobile on Vimeo.

  • Betty

    It sounds and looks really cool!
    Does anyone know who designed the packaging?

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