Earn-O-Meter iPhone app shows how underpaid you are in real-time

Earn-O-Meter iPhone app

Earn-O-Meter is a neat iPhone app designed especially for the hard times the world is experiencing during the economic downturn. It has a simply goal – to show how much you’re earning in real time; while providing you with a comic relief on boring meetings and other awkward situations.

From the press release:

The Earnometer allows users to track income as it is earned in real time, right down to the millionth of a dollar, while sitting through pointless meetings, dull conference calls and inane conversations with nitwits in the workplace. The Earnometer app is a humorous presentation of a common but unspoken reality – many people work because the money they earn outweighs the aggravation of their workplace.

In a nutshell, with Earnometer you’ll be able to visualize that a 20 minute meeting with an annoying co-worker is actually a profitable endeavor. The same goes for mindless three hour conference calls and other similar situations. In that sense, I can see this selling, especially when you consider the price, which is $0.99. AppStore link is here.

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