CNN Mobile app rockets to No. 1 in Top Paid iPhone apps

cnn-mobile-iphone-app-1When you have the kind of reach that CNN enjoys, it’s really easy to pimp out a new iPhone app. Especially when that app happens to be your own. Case in point, CNN’s new feature-rich iPhone app. The cable news giant just today launched the new CNN Mobile iPhone app on the iTunes AppStore and it has already rocketed to the top-spot in the Top Paid iPhone apps category!

It’s not really surprising either. If you’ve been watching CNN at all today, you know that the news network is promoting their iPhone app left and right. And, at $1.99, the CNN iPhone app is cheap enough to buy on an impulse. But, with tons of free news apps on the AppStore, is CNN’s app worth the (admittedly cheap) admission $1.99 price?

We think so. The CNN iPhone news app doesn’t just deliver the latest news stories to your iPhone, it features live newscasts, video on-demand and photos – all wrapped in a familiar iPhone-esque interface that features a landscape CoverFlow-like view. The app is the second (France 24 was the first) of its kind to offer live video streams of breaking news reports. CNN will even send push notifications to your iPhone to let you know when new live-streams are available for viewing. Better still, videos can be streamed over EDGE and 3G data networks, as well as WiFi!

For the iReporters out there, the CNN iPhone app makes it easy to directly submit a new iReport to CNN, complete with photo uploads. Or, if sharing with friends and family is more your thing, the app allows you to easily share a news story via email, SMS text message, Twitter or Facebook.

Grab the CNN Mobile iPhone app for $1.99 here (iTunes link)

CNN Mobile

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