Becoming a better blogger, reader and helping me take out the trash: Trimming in Public: Episode 23

Trimming in Public is a series where I go through my list of 293 RSS feeds, 10 feeds at a time, give some detail as to why I subscribed to a particular feed, and then decide whether or not to keep on consuming that feed. In Episode 1, I explained what RSS is and how to use it. Please read that if you need a refresher on why RSS is awesome and why you should be using it if you take reading news on the internet seriously. The prefix to Trimming in Public is “Becoming a better blogger, reader and helping me take out the trash.” For the bloggers out there who read IntoMobile, I hope you get a better idea of what I do to keep on top of the news. For the readers who read IntoMobile, I know that this site isn’t the only mobile focused technology publication on the internet, and by sharing which sites I read I’m hoping that you’ll keep on coming back here. Taking out the trash has an obvious explanation, I can’t keep up with my RSS feeds and need to trim my list. For those who want to download my complete list of 293 RSS feeds, feel free to grab my OPML file.

Check out Episode 23 after the jump, and all episodes by clicking on the Trimming in Public tag:

  1. The Doc Searls Weblog: As one of the original authours of The Cluetrain Manifesto, Doc Searls is highly respected. This is his personal blog, and while it used to be the bees knees years ago, today it’s more just a collection of things going on in his personal life, sprinkled with commentary on what’s going on in the technology space. I don’t care about his personal life, if I did I would follow him on Twitter, and I think the technology industry is terribly misguided right now, so his comments on whether Twitter or StatusNet take off have no interest to me. Decision: Unsubscribe.
  2. The Frame: A rip off of’s The Big Picture, the Frame is run by the Sacramento Bee. They do a decent job, but I’m going to stick with the original, and the best. Decision: Unsubscribe.
  3. The Heart of Business: Another Lenovo blog, I subscribed to this because … well I’ll be honest, I’m a Lenovo fanboi. Sadly however, I am not a part of the intended audience. This is all about small businesses using Lenovo laptops, getting Africans connected, non profit organizations, basically stuff I could care less about. Decision: Unsubscribe.
  4. The Identity Corner: Site is still up, but it isn’t the site I remember subscribing to; something fishy is up. This looks to be a useless, badly designed, website filled with contact that is of no use to anyone. Decision: Unsubscribe, will not count towards today’s list of 10.
  5. The Inquirer: Boy oh boy, this site in ancient. Ever wonder why I sometimes use British English versus American English when spelling headlines, or why I occasionally drop a few colloquialisms that just don’t sound like anything uttered over in the western hemisphere? Blame this site. The Inquirer, or The INQ as most people refer to it, was the Engadget of their day. It still exists, sadly looking like it used to when they first launched, which I believe occurred some time after the Romans killed Jesus, but before a group of con men published a book called the bible. They do gadget reviews, just like any other site, but their specialty is the processor field. What’s Intel, AMD or nVidia working on for their 2012 lineup? These guys know. They also use such beautiful metaphors that I’m frankly a bit jealous I wasn’t raised in the country where English was invented. As a writer, and personally I don’t think of myself as a very good writer even though my friends blow hot air up my ass, the best I can give you is to read British publications. Steal from the best. I’m sad to say this, but the quality of their work has gone down. They’re no longer timely, their RSS feed is set to partial versus full, and a few of the authors I used to admire, most notably Charlie Demerjian, no longer work there. Decision: Unsubscribe.
  6. The Masked Blogger: Dead site, dead RSS feed. Decision: Unsubscribe, will not count towards today’s list of 10.
  7. The Mobile Gadgeteer: This is Matthew Miller’s other blog, read more about why I like him in episode 20 of “Trimming in Public”. The guy writes solid stuff, often includes a very detailed and informative video in his post, and while I may not agree with his opinions all the time, I do respect what the guy has to say. Decision: Keep on reading.
  8. The Nokia Blog: Now I know with a name like “The Nokia Blog”, you’d think this was something official, but it isn’t. This website is owned and operated by Mark Guim, a guy who I had the pleasure of meeting at several Nokia events all around the world, back when the economy was doing well and the marketing department was blowing huge amounts of money to make bloggers feel happy, warm and special. He’s straight up nice, and has his priorities in life straight because while he loves mobile phones, all of you reading this love mobile phones, but he loves his wife and friends more. Mark realizes that the devices he uses are just tools to help him lead a fulfilling life versus a geek/nerd who mainly spend their life obsessing over tools. When he isn’t tweeting about the news, it’s usually about some new restaurant he is checking out, or his dog. As for the content, top notch stuff. No complaints. Decision: Keep on reading.
  9. The Nokialist: Dead site, dead RSS feed. This was the first ever Nokia blog, and I only found it after I started blogging about Nokia. The guy, and I can’t remember his name, told me something along the lines of “you’re doing a great job, I’m passing over the baton to you, I’m done blogging”, and I’ve never heard from him since. That was a long, long, long time ago. Decision: Dead = will not count towards today’s list of 10.
  10. The Official Palm Blog: Palm’s official blog. Nothing really more to say about that. I respect Palm, even though I think the Pre and Pixi look like crap, and I think that having the Foleo killed was a terrible mistake, but I’ll never forget how powerful I felt when I got my first PDA. I’m betting Palm will come back. They’re in good hands. Reading this is my way of keeping up on them, plus I have to for my job. Decision: Keep on reading.
  11. The PhoneBoy Blog: Former Nokia employee writes this. He worked for Nokia’s security business used to do high end servers, encryption, that kind of boring shit that makes your eyes roll into the back of your skull unless you’re an IT manager getting paid $150k because you have a Cisco certification. Anyway, that part of Nokia was sold recently, so he basically does the same job he has always been doing, but some other company is writing his paycheck. I don’t really talk to Daemon anymore either. Our paths crossed at one point, but that feels like ages ago now. Decision: Unsubscribe.
  12. The Register, Articles by Ted Dziuba: I’ve spoken enough about Ted in episode 22 of “Trimming in Public”. This is an RSS feed that spits out all the articles he writes on The Register. He hasn’t written anything for them since August 31st which makes me question whether or not he still works there … I need to contact him. Decision: Keep on reading … for the time being.
  13. The Register, Articles about Nokia:
  14. An RSS feed that spits out every article written by The Register that mentions the word Nokia. I’m up to my gills in sources giving me Nokia news and opinion, and I don’t need another one, especially since The Register is more about news, and less about opinion, so they’re not really helping me see a news event in a different light.

And that’s that. Down to 122. Almost at the bottom.

Update: Ted says he no longer writes for The Register. Sad. Unsubscribed from that feed.

  • Mark Guim

    Thanks for keeping me on the list!

    Haha I won’t forget that night in Berlin where we walked into a club too early & the only other people there were some dudes in leather jumpsuits. Awkward!

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Sadly, I will never forget that night.

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