AT&T unveils Unlimited Talk and Text GoPhone plan

AT&T unveils Unlimited Talk and Text GoPhone plan

AT&T has recently unveiled a new GoPhone plan. It’s called Unlimited Talk and Text and as you can guess for yourself, it buys you unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited texting ,MMS included. In addition to calling any U.S. number, those who opt to pay $60 a month will also be able to call Mexico, Canada and more than 100 other countries worldwide.

Commenting on the new plan, AT&T’s Judy Cavalieri said: “We recognize GoPhone customers have a need for unlimited calling or texting without the commitment of an annual contract. The new Unlimited Talk and Text package enhances our prepaid options to give customers the flexibility of a national network with no contract requirement.”

  • Iwork4ATT

    How crazy is it that you can get a better deal on prepaid vs. postpaid…ATT needs to tighten up on there rate plans if they want to continue being a wireless leader.

  • going to verizon

    Are you serious? ATT Allow you to have a better rate plan without a contract then with one. What a joke. I see why verizon wireless has become number one.

  • Reese

    I love it! I like having the options without the commitment. My family oversees have forever had better rate plans than what is available in the States. Glad to see that AT&T has finally decided to catch up with the rest of the world!! 🙂

  • Tess

    Awesome!!!! Have it!! Love it!!!! Thank you At&t!!!! No more checking balances, min’s, etc Just what we wanted!!!!!

  • Tasha

    I think the unlimited talk and text plan is great. I’m planning on geting this service within a couple of days. It is a better option than a contract. You don’t have to worry about outstanding bills or your bill amount changing. You have one flat price a month. Att is going to make a lot of customers and also a lot of people with that pay per minute usage thing change to this plan. You go Att!

  • Phil

    It’s great that ATT “finally” jumped on the bandwagon with prepaid unlimited. Could it be because they are losing market shares in the prepaid market? Both T-Mobile and Verizon have been offering unlimited prepaid solutions for quite some time now. Unfortunately, none of them even come close to what Straight Talk is now offering through Walmart as of October 18, 2009. With Straight Talk, you not only get unlimited talk and text, but you also get unlimited internet web access, along with unlimited 411 (information) calls – all for $45 per month.

    In case you didn’t know, most cellular services available outside the U.S. is prepaid, and they enjoy better pricing. Still wondering why the prepaid unlimited is a better deal than the contract prices? Generally contracted pricing is less expensive because you pay less for the phone, then you get to sign a 2 year contract. Overall, the savings you receive from a better priced phone is not worth the actual difference in service prices because you are committed for the 2 years. It actually costs you more than what you save on the phone. Even if you save $400 on that smartphone you always wanted by signing a 2 year commitment, they force you to include internet access on the service. Within 6 months, they recoup the “retail” loss on the phone, and then for the next 18 months, your committed payments become gravy payments —- GOTCHA!!! And that is based on the purchase of a smartphone!

    Imagine how well their return/investment is on the lesser expensive phones or the new Android phones using Google’s open source programming (operating system) which virtually cost them nothing. Americans need to wake up. They’ve been raping us long enough.

  • shantel

    It is good that AT&T FINALLY used their common sense to give back to their loyal customers and offer unlimited! I am with AT&T now, but I am going to use my common sense and swith over to Tracphone’s Straight Talk plan, for only $45 I will be getting unlimited talk, text AND internet AND free 411 calls!!! With AT&T you have to pay $60 for just unlimited talk and text, that’s it!!! I have been with AT&T for about 4 years now (under a VERY expensive contract plan) and they have just loss a very loyal customer to Tracphone Straight Talk!!! Someone would have to be completely stupid to pay $15 MORE for not nearly as good a plan as Tracphone’s Straight Talk plan. ADIOS AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Briansure23

    at&t is garbage. i didnt like them before and i wont like them now, im a very loyal fan to straight talk and their great service which no one can compare to IMO. i love the “all you need” plan that gets you a free phone!!! made giving gifts very easy this year lol bargain price of 30 bucks? im in.

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