Nokia Booklet 3G: BestBuy exclusive for $599 unlocked or $299 on a 2 year, $60/month plan

Blogger, and long time friend Jonathan Greene, is at a Nokia press event in New York City right now and is live tweeting. So far here is what has been announced:

  • Nokia Booklet 3G should have 12 hours of battery life with Windows 7 (which I believe to be bullshit, and I can’t wait to see it benchmarked in the real world)
  • AT&T is the exclusive activation partner for the Booklet 3G
  • BestBuy is the exclusive retail partner for the Booklet 3G
  • $299 with a 2 year contract, $60/month, only 5 GB of data, which if you do the math = $299 + ($60 x 24) = $1739, before tax!
  • $599 unsubsidized price
  • The device is SIM locked to AT&T if you do decide to go that route
  • sjhong

    Are they really planning to sell any of these devices in the US? Am I out of touch with reality or is the price with plan absolutely ridiculous?

  • carlosb

    By the end of next year (2010). EVERYBODY will go to work, with one
    of these devices. I dont know if the device will be NOKIA or any
    other brand, but if I were reponsible for this at my company, I
    Sould choose one with a battery life of 12 hours, with hi res screen
    and nice aluminium chasis.
    We will need these small computers to go to the meetings without
    any paper.
    Let,s speak about this at the end of next year.

  • Ranida

    Why is no one making a big deal about the transflective screen on the Nokia Booklet? I think that feature alone would put it at the top of the list of netbooks!


  • sam01m

    Note the very last detail on this site. “The device is SIM locked to AT&T…” This is posing to be the biggest obstacle. I’ve been trying to get that SIM Unlocked, but no one seems to be able to do it, so I was going to go to the AT&T network, until I found out that AT&T is a GSM network and does not offer 3G data speeds.

    WHY IN THE WORLD! Would they lock this machine to a network that is not going to allow you to take advantage of the machine’s capabilities?? Just seems like a really bad business plan to me!!

    • Eduardo

      If you figure out how to unlock it let me know…The machine is good, but I bought it for the built in 3G modem and built in sim, but found out it is practically useless on other GSM networks internationally…screw you AT&T

  • wan

    how to download software wlan and wifi to nokia n73me 3rd software….email me download link

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