Nokia Comes with Music only has 107,227 users after being operational for one year

Nokia’s Comes with Music, an idea I’ve been shitting on since the day it was announced, is a scheme thought up by executives in Finland to offer devices for around 110 EUR more than they should cost and in return you get one year of unlimited DRM infected downloads. The whole concept seemed as if it was built to attract those people who were too dumb to do any comparison shopping, or for parents who are having the living shit scared out of them by the ever increasing media coverage on people who have committed acts of piracy and are now facing huge fines. For a service that has been out for over a year now, to get only 107,227 users as of July, is pretty weak. Nokia blames this on poor marketing, that they’ve failed to get the Comes with Music message across, to which I have to call bullshit. People are dumb and will buy most damn near anything if the marketing department does a good enough job at producing a 60 second video with a catchy jingle, but they’re not dumb enough to fork over 100 EUR for something they know they can get for free over bit torrent.

Here is the regional break down of those 107,227 users, numbers that were leaked to Music Alley:

  • UK – 32,728 (launch date: Oct 08)
  • Singapore – 19,318 (Feb 09)
  • Australia – 23,003 (Mar 09)
  • Brazil – 10,809 (Apr 09)
  • Sweden – 1,101 (Apr 09)
  • Italy – 691 (Apr 09)
  • Mexico – 16,344 (May 09)
  • Germany – 2,673 (May 09)
  • Switzerland – 560 (Jun 09)

[Via: mocoNews]

  • Chris P

    Dire marketing, dire choice of limited phones, too expensive, too late.

    Sob story – and we havent even mentioned ngage.

  • Frank MacGill

    The per capita penetration is impressive – in Singapore, which is the cleanest, most law abiding society in the world. Nokia should concentrate on the Singapore market. Nokia’s multi-millionaire executives really understand the Singapore market.

  • Chris P

    Im sure the intomobile readers are finding you as funny as I am!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    this guy is hilarious, and mental. he’ll give up at some point. i’m feeling too nice to ban his IP.

  • Chris P

    yeah he’s a loon, loons make the internet interesting imo.

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