HTC’s new ‘quietly brilliant’ slogan is now live!

htc_logoIn their push to become a globally recognized brand, HTC broke away from its roots as the ODM smartphone maker known as High Tech Computer Corp. to become the new face of high-end Android and Windows Mobile smartphones. “HTC Innovation” was their slogan, hammering home the idea that HTC smartphones are some of the most innovative options on market. But, as many growing/changing companies choose to do, HTC has changed their slogan. A quick visit to the HTC homepage confirms the new tagline – HTC now wants to be known as “quietly brilliant.”

To make it as official as possible, htc has filed for a USPTO trademark protecting the “quietly brilliant” tagline. The new slogan echos HTC’s position as a formidable smartphone maker that doesn’t necessarily need to make the marketing and publicity grabs that we’re used to seeing from Apple and Motorola. HTC really does seem to keep quiet about their brilliant products.

But, does “quietly brilliant” evoke the same emotion that “HTC Innovation” once did? It’ll be consumers that decide. For the record, as long as HTC’s products continue to impress, we don’t care.

[Via: WMPowerUser]

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