BlackBerry’s Google Maps 3.2 update gets friendly with Layers


Google isn’t just getting in good with Twitter today, they’ve also thrown BlackBerry users a bone with a new Google Maps for BlackBerry update. Google Maps for BlackBerry v3.2 is now available with support for the Google Maps “Layers” feature, which lets the user layer different types of location data on top of a Google Map.

The new Layers feature, which first broke cover with Windows Mobile and S60 support, gives users the option to add (and remove) data layers like Wikipedia entries, transit data, My Maps locations and your friends’ Latitudes information from a Google Map. It’s an especially useful feature for exploring a new city or finding your way around town.

Get the update by pointing your BlackBerry browser to

  • David McCormack

    BEWARE! I upgraded my Bold 9000 (running from v3.0 to this new version, rebooted when requested, and now it won’t start at all! The progress bar gets about 1/3 of the way across and then the app just crapped out with no error displayed. I then completely uninstalled, rebooted, installed again – same story. Attaching the debugger to the device gives no useful insight as to what might be going wrong.

    Does anyone know how I can go back to v3.0? I can’t see any link on Google’s website to older versions of the apps.

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