What is the ‘laggiest’ handset you have used?

Just the other day, I was in the local O2 shop, playing with the Palm Pre – having heard so much about it, but no opportunity to get hands-on, I was keen to see what the device could do.

Initially, I was really pleased to see an excellent implementation of both the capacitance screen sensitivity, but also of the UI – it really does look that nice, and in my mind at least, is a competitor for the iPhone UI for sure. A couple of swipes across the screen later, and I’d found the right way to control the UI for flipping between,  and closing Apps.

Of course the next logical test was to see what the keyboard was like, and so I decided to add a new contact, called “bob”. Leaving aside what I thought of the keyboard for a minute (hint: not great), my main surprise came when I went to store the handset – there was an appreciable lag, as compared with the rest of my usage of the handset to that point.

To test what I immediately surmised could be the problem, I then opened a video, and also made a calendar entry – this confirmed my initial thinking that substantial read/writes to the memory, via the O/S, were being hit with a  bit of a lag. Usage of the UI in general was super-smooth, but as soon as you called down to the OS (particularly if writing to memory), then there was definitely some slowdown.

Now I should put this in perspective: I’m used to being spoilt by the iPhone, which is incredibly fluid in it’s use, and rarely lags – only occasionally have I tripped it up. The Palm Pre was 90% good in this respect, and maybe just that 10% bad (slow) across certain invoked operations.

But that got me thinking – I have used some devices previously that were really not great in terms of the lag when you selected certain apps, or wanted to do certain things. And I bet the IntoMobile readership have had the same experience – therefore, can you remember the worst handset you ever had for lagging? And can you remember why the lag occurred (opening app, re-skinning etc)?

I’ll put forward the N96 as pretty laggy during general use…. I’m not sure  it is the worst handset that I’ve ever used for lag (that title surely belongs to one of the WinMo devices I had in early y2k!), but I’m open to suggestion from our readers! So it’s:

  • What was the handset – make, model, if you can remember
  • What were you doing with the handset that made it lag – keep it clean! 🙂

Answers on a postcard … (or at least in the comments on this post!)

  • RobtWms

    My laggiest was the Nokia N95-3. I grew a beard while waiting for a new contact to save.

  • Shimmy

    The laggiest handset I’ve had by far is the HTC Fuze. That thing was horribly laggy when trying to do almost anything. I know I could have loaded a custom ROM on there, but that’s not the point. I think the phone should have been good to go without going through that hassle.

    Second place would be the Motorola Q9H that I had.

    Third place would be my iPhone 3G when it was jailbroken.

  • kDog

    laggiest is the HTC Imagio I’m in process of returning. When something eventually happens when I try touch screen it takes forever. Anything does!

  • Peter

    The laggiest device was the Sony Ericsson P990i. It was basically slow at everything. Opening and using the calendar application was incredibly slow. Also, starting up Tom Tom was a real pain (almost a minute). Not to mention starting op the phone itself. Incredible! And then they stopped doing firmware updates 6 months after it was released. I felt seriously let down by this manufacturer.

  • Chris P

    HTC Mini S

    Pretty much anything Windows mobile pre the current generation – horrible horrible devices, so incredibly slow.

  • Joe

    definitly the htc fuze, every single time i tried to do something it lagged. It wasnt even as bad as my 8125 or 8525 for that matter.

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