BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) Now Available on Verizon for $179.99 on 2-Year Contract


Finally, the ‘storm chasing’ is over. October 28th is here, and the BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) is now available at Verizon! The pricing details are as follows:

  • $179.99 on a 2-year contract
  • $249.99 on a 1-year contract
  • $539.99 on the ‘month-to-month’ option

Not much else to say here. Pop over to Verizon’s website to place your order, or head down to a Verizon location to pick one up in-store. BlackBerry ‘ninja’ extraordinaire @salomondrin is waiting outside a Verizon store as we speak. Doesn’t look like there’s much going on at the moment 🙁

Note: For a thorough look-see, check out Simon’s BlackBerry Storm2 Review.

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