Business Card Reader for iPhone is way better than the alternative

business-card-readerCollecting business cards can be a good thing – expanding your professional network usually is. It can also suck. If you ever have the chance to wade through a stack of business cards and add those contacts by hand, give it a try, you’ll see what we mean. For those of you that share our pain, check out SHAPE Services’ Business Card Reader for iPhone. With a simple snap of your iPhone 3GS’s auto-focus camera, Business Card Reader injects contact information directly into your iPhone’s address book. It’s not free, but at $5.99, it’ll easily pay for itself after your next new business card.

The new app basically scans your business cards and analyzes the text using character recognition technology. But, the really nifty thing is the way Business Card Reader integrates with LinkedIn and your iPhone. It’ll automatically distinguish between home and mobile phone numbers, office address, website URL, job title, company and, of course, the first and last name. Once scanned, you’ll have the option of automatically adding a new contact, merging the data with an existing contact, or look up the information on LinkedIn.

Of course, the app is bound to make some mistakes. After testing five business cards, we had to specify one company name and break up a couple long first names into their respective first and last names. You’re also going to want to use this app on an iPhone 3GS. The auto-focus camera makes all the difference. The app isn’t perfect, but it’s way (way) better than the alternative.

Wanna see the app in action? Check out our demo video!

BC Reader [iTunes link]

  • Jeren

    Can’t view the demo video, as it is currently private.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Fixed the problem 🙂

      • Worth paying for it?

  • Jayesh

    This does exactly what is says.The best app that I have seen and used.It is very simple to use and it populates the iPhone contact list so saves you time,even if you have to edit mistakes.More often than not it extracts the correct info.

    If you are sick of carry business cards and just hate filling in all those fields,use this program to do most of the work for you.

  • Eduardo

    Expensive!!! The “Text On Card” only $1.99, and it works greate!

  • john

    This app is really fun and when it works you have the wow effect. But in the end, it takes more than one minute for each card and most of the time the ocr is not perfect so you must change by yourself the text…

    So, to get all my business card in my iphone, i have chosen Econtact pro witch provide a great service with human back office (no ocr).

    The reason: the result is perfect and it takes very short time to take picture of all the cards (and i have hundreds)

  • Mike

    New software for iphone installed. (3GS 29.06.2010)
    Used BC reader and all of my contact data disappeared.
    Now having some difficulty recovering

  • Alex

    The exact same thing happened to me and @ work !!! Now I don't have any contacts… serious shame

    • Sean

      Same thing happend to me today…. Lost all contact information

  • Martin soler photography

    Same happened to me. Luckily i had my contacts synchronised with google so it found most of them. But the app is not compatible with os4. Otherwise its a great app.

  • Dingle

    Used it fine on IOS3 many times. Lost all contacts twice when using it on ios4. Fortunately, I reset the phone and resynched to itunes to get them all back again.

    Guys – if you are watching this – great app – GET IT COMPATIBLE TO IOS4 ASAP.


  • Richard

    Lost all my contacts >.< upgrading. Major fail! I can't get them back via a restore and didn't have them synchronised with google 🙁 any ideas on how I can get them back??? App is total rubbish.

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