Nokia N86 Coming to Rogers for Holidays

Rogers has announced holiday availability of the Nokia N86 today, and is using the occasion to take a few potshots at the Bell and telus HSPA launches. Rogers is claiming their “unparalleled HSPA smartphone lineup underscores Rogers’ network superiority”, and are also milking the LG Eve and xperia X1 for all they’re worth.The N86 is an exceptionally good choice for anyone who’s looking for a mix of simple phone, an outstanding camera, and potential for advanced smartphone functions. The $99.99 on contract price point is also very attractive, but even still, it’s going to be hard to combat the hype Bell and telus are currently commanding. It’s a good thing for Rogers that a holiday launch for wind mobile is looking grim, or they would have even more competition on their hands. If you’re interested in picking up the N86 when it becomes available, be sure to check out our review first, and keep an eye on the Rogers online store.

[via Rogers]

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